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@__MOJ @DadsonAraba @mr_ofori_ ano finish any of my lecture notes before seff 😂😂
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skipped my lecture so i can play mario kart... priorities🤩🤩
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@MKBad2 @MarouaneSama Encore une fois la lecture est mauvaise où est-ce que je dis que j'ai pas aimé ?? Le chapitre…
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Last lecture of nursing school ever 😫 ty Jesus I cannot take another day 😭😂
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i thought my lecture will end now but it's still 1h left 😭😭
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RT @ALAWAnimalLaw: NYU Animal Studies will be hosting Dr Will Kymlicka on December 4th. Dr Kymlicka will discuss the role of animals…
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Sign up for the @ukEdge annual lecture on December 9 with Sir Tim Smit as our keynote speaker!
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Teaching psychology classes online this spring? Want to expose your students to experts from around the world in to…
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คุณพระนี้มัน video lecture เปล่าเนี่ย 5555
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RT @ANI: Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) to hold week-long annual 'Swami Vivekananda Youth Festival' and 'Swami Viv…
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Good luck to our very own @preston_jenny as she delivers this prestigious lecture this evening 🌟👏 @EmmastirlingAHP
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@bernard1rieux @fabricepelosi @Foxity78 Ma spécialité étant l'apologétique, je vous assure que même le plus ringard…
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Vous voulez en savoir plus sur moi ? Un nouvelle page disponible sur le site 💻 Bonne lecture 📄 #TeamParieur
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@buninaytoledo Nakwento ko sayo ‘to dati dba na seatmate kami ni dean fanboying lang lolz lam mo yan kahit gaano ka…
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Spent lunchtime baking cookies whilst listening to Baroness Hale speak on human rights & the rule of law. As a mid…
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RT @MLPaysDeGrasse: 😎 La Mission Locale du Pays de Grasse vous propose de participer à notre lecture d’offres 100% en ligne !!! 👇👇👇…
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RT @ANI: Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) to hold week-long annual 'Swami Vivekananda Youth Festival' and 'Swami Viv…
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@Jean_DAlbret @fabricepelosi En tant qu'Observateur. Il m'est pénible de voir les catholiques toujours ramenés à la…
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RT @hanari0716: 初心者でも上達する【手の描き方】✋ How to draw a hand ⭕️❌ Lecture
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RT @DasSour74153501: Such a shame that a person like @paulagnimitra1 heads the so called Mahila Morcha of a party, that endorses such co…
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