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RT @ATEEZ_SMA: SMA VOTING TUTORIALS IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES 👇 If you have links to tutorials in other languages, please add to the…
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Top score guaranteed for Literacy language Holocaust writer Criminology Dissertation SPSS Project and proposal wr…
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RT @sunilc_: Popular backend programming languages and the companies that use them: 🧵👇🏻
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RT @mcsee1: Many people tend to look at programming styles and languages like religions: if you belong to one, you cannot belon…
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RT @dr_amar_mashru: If someone is speaking to you in a foreign accent they are smart enough to know at least 2 languages - and were bra…
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Why is it that some languages have surnames like DeGroot, or LaGrandeur? Where are all the English people named John TheLarge??
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A thread of voice reveal for diff languages that I know how to speak🙈
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@Valkyrie_Fleur It’s kind of just the term for Latin based languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian
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Imagine Kris looking up the word for “rainbow” in many different languages—not to see beauty and unity in the human…
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RT @HaticeDenizAVCI: who needs languages when you have music 💙 persian vibes in asia
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— not new to nsfw twt, just making a new pinned <3 [please read through thread!] — v / vero — 18 / 5'0" — she/her —…
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@gahdamnslay Lol, she wouldn't understand Xitsonga. So I wrote in the languages that she understands. I hope she wo…
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RT @MeghUpdates: Sanskrit emerges as the 5th Widely used language in the Rajya Sabha among 22 scheduled languages after Hindi, Telug…
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Them: "Do you speak any other languages?" Me: Yes, I'm fluent in talking shit😎
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RT @pcgamer: 'Throughout development, we employed a professional translation service we've worked with ever since Transistor to…
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Okay I am confusion. Im watching Hollands Drag Race. Why are they speaking Dutch and then suddenly say random sente…
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RT @yomgqashiyo: We also need to acknowledge that for many people from Limpopo, learning other languages (read Nguni languages) is f…
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My customers be mad surprised when I speak Spanish to them lol bihhhh I speak 2 languages 😂
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RT @Quirky_Tanaya: #AajKaGyan Learn 3-4 languages apart from native language, try to speak , try to think in those languages . It ac…
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