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RT @NoBumms_: Alright enough is enough IDC IF YALL DONT KNOW THE KID , Lady or man we gotta watch each other backs from now on‼️l…
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like you don’t wanna pay all the bills but still want a say in what your lady wears, goes, associates etc. like it is literally so funny.
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RT @SEKIRO_Spain: cosplay lady maria #Bloodborne
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RT @876dej: wen a man luv you, trust me .. dem show it
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RT @chrxstianh__: It’s almost that time!
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PINK LADY: very tart in a tasteful and not overbearing way. also crunchy. the name is kinda posh but very fitting.
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@destrucktiveme ооо, круто✨😍
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RT @SayWhenLA: I'll be honest with you, it really is refreshing to have a First Lady that doesn't have an out of control floppy do…
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RT @lamide_black: Never have I seen this lady dress indecently or post "pictures we can't view in church" despite her wealth. Despit…
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me being upset for my brow lady that the @Sephora cashier didn’t even offer me the option to leave a tip for her
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RT @BontleModiselle: Man, you look AMAZING. Shoot...You are amazing @Boity!!!!! It’s so beautiful to see it all unfold. Plus you’re extr…
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This fine lady has 5 codes now (she was so lucky) to give away! Anyone interested contact her
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RT @JudgeJoeBrownTV: I respect Black Women immensely I’m prepared to die for them However Our race has been kept in line by the supp…
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@_hylocereus I hc Gabe as a lightweight drinker so obvs he sings the lady’s part. uwu Also because Jack can make a…
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RT @SoulTrain: Our girl @shaniceonline giving a strong LEWK at the 5th Annual #SoulTrain Lady of Soul Awards ❤️. #SoulTrainAwards…
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RT @NedNeutrality: i left my airpod while getting sushi n the lady came back n gave it to me like this i’m screaming
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Pas de mariage sans Britney, Beyoncé, Nicki, Rihanna, Shay, Lady Gaga, Queen
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RT @hari2411: (1/7) So I went to do my haircut today. I was welcomed by a lady in her 50's. She was having this book near the cli…
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RT @karenine2: "Je ne fais pas grève, je ne veux pas pénaliser les élèves." déclara Monique, toujours investie dans son travail à…
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