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RT @cheeksungs: jisung's hair is growing out again you all know what that means
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RT @yep4andy: I know I'm making all those "negative" statements against "ace" people and some people think I should be positive a…
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You never know.そんなのわかんないよ ※直訳は「あなたは決して知らない」 そこから「わかんないよ」という意味になる Give it a shot! You never know what’s ganna happen. やってみろよ!何が起こるかわかんないだろ
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RT @beyscoochie: how i’m sleeping cause i know i have ivy park on the way
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RT @AdamDriverUK: “I think movies, films and art lead people out of the dark. I think they can take a thought or articulate a feeling…
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you know what-
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Can anybody help with this ticket? I went to see the incredible #MiriamMakeba at #FreeTradeHall in Manchester many…
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RT @LunaIsFree_: Retweet if you live outside Korea but know who Zico is. I'm trying to see something.
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RT @aswling: fell asleep right after drawing this and u know what!! i felt slightly better!! true story
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RT @kryptoslogic: RDP to RCE: When Fragmentation Goes Wrong AKA: What we know about CVE-2020-0609 and CVE-2020-0610.
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RT @WWEXOL: [!] We are aware that we have kept on sharing these during the past days. Please know that we are doing our best t…
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RT @amvetsupport: To trump: you are a total low life. A man without character; a liar and you dare to insult our Joint Chiefs with t…
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RT @LunaIsFree_: Retweet if you live outside Korea but know who Zico is. I'm trying to see something.
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RT @sunnylovelife: If there was one song I would like the world to know, its 'Bloom' It perfectly shows astro as a group with steady…
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"all i'm saying is at least i did a good job at making dogs" "i don't know, pugs are pretty fucked up" "fuck"
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RT @BeingR0shni: His transition from angry Young Man of the house to the naughty contestant of the house has been amazing!! I must…
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RT @BradMossEsq: .@InproCorp I thought you might like to know how at least one of your employees uses work emails. He uses it to sen…
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RT @thatssochic1: He’s genuinely the smartest idol I know. He’s so insightful about both himself and his surroundings, that’s why he’…
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When I was a cringy 13yo kid, I kept calling my mom "baka". She didn't know what it meant, nor would I tell her. O…
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RT @tkag2020_ann: 🤣🤣 You never know what @realDonaldTrump might say, that’s why I like him. We do have a good President! Give em hel…
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