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Lmfao brooo this would have been the day I knocked my parent off they feet 😂
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@misskayyi You know that Knocked Loose is good when even I like it and I don't like that style of hardcore to begin…
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me getting knocked up
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Disguise - MIW Shaped By Fire- AILD ADSOB - Knocked Louise We Are Not Your Kind - Slipknot The Simulation - Born O…
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Damnit!!! I got cut off because I knocked my laptop screen down. There was no saving this stream...and i was only o…
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@ShadToFit @datboywolf It brings me so much joy to A. Know that hes 0-2 in Superbowls and B.gets Knocked the F OUT on the regular
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often I think the only difference between david cage and kojima is that we hate the french and love teabagging knocked out mobs.
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RT @_KenSenpai: If you tried doing this to me you’d get knocked tf out ong
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RT @Opposittee: Old people when you try to turn the tv like they weren’t just knocked out snoring:
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The dad at the end is me when I get knocked and they tryna finish me 😭😂
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RT @jodiimagine: always be kind. if someone’s been knocked down the least you could do is try to lift them up & try to remind them o…
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I’m here knocked out , I ought to wrap his ass with my belt !!
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RT @JAYBLEU_: This fashion shit really gon get somebody knocked off man it's crazy 🥴
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I cheated and bought some Nerds, then ate wayyy too damn many. Well, I accidentally knocked half of what I had left…
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RT @CoachMotto: It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up. – Vince Lombardi
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I really took WAYYY too much NyQuil and it knocked KNOCKED me out
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@KirihoKirigaya Bakugou knocked on the stall door. "Kirito."
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Crazy the doctor told me it would take four months to do a pushup again but i just knocked out 100 and its only been two months 🙏🏽
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RT @meaghang: This is my awesome friend Ashley. After a wedding in SC yesterday, Ashley and her husband stopped to canvass in Che…
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If you tried doing this to me you’d get knocked tf out ong
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