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Botox - the no. 1 Best Selling treatment of its kind.👍 ☎ 516-900-7772 💻 #rainforestmedspa…
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RT @SenWhitehouse: International kleptocrats and criminals hide enormous amounts of money in rule-of-law countries like the United Sta…
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RT @Vaka650: I got my own apartment and my own whip and I ain’t NEVER fixed my mouf to say “ya livin on ya momma couch” or “ya s…
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@metainvestment @bears_deluxe What kind of bear is it?
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RT @DavosCryptos: $MTS, @MetastrikeHQ upcoming gem on @SeedifyFund, @RoseonFinance and @paid_network #Ignition 🚀 #MetaStrike has a g…
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RT @Reneecbull: & this is the kind of unshakeable confidence one must have in one’s self in order to make it 😭
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RT @UDunningKruger: "Planning for more ICU capacity is planning for failure" is in the same category of shit-take as "Other countries n…
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@theodoreweltons I'm glad you bring this kind of stuff to my TL
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@steppet @Reuters Only thing prolonging the pandemic is media and politicians using it to scare people into submiss…
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RT @cooltxchick: This is my Tori. She’s quiet, artistic. Naive & fragile. Trusting & kind. Came out of the closet at 14. Starts Uni…
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RT @Grosdoriane: Yogurt Scientist: damn... is it just me, or are these mice getting kind of hot?
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@NYKfan10304 Over only because we're going to need that kind of production to win.
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Wenn du deinem schlafenden Kind einen Kuss gibst und es sich hinterher einmal übers Gesicht wischt als wäre da eine Fliege gewesen 🤣🙈
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RT @s_rinnaa: i recently lost my amazing baby boy, my heart aches this man was the most amazing, kind hearted, loving, goofiest m…
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RT @lisakim93386967: Everyone, we have only 24 hours left , I'm already panicking the hck . Vote now not later or any kind of time , Cre…
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Tonight I’m going to join my dear friends in a new kind of game ! Please come hang out !
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RT @Reneecbull: & this is the kind of unshakeable confidence one must have in one’s self in order to make it 😭
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Folks you search for God everywhere in the universe where he might be search inside your heart and the heart of God…
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@LastWordWilliam @malavemark @chadmeslinger @HotlineJosh It’s quite possible. The midterms are rarely kind to the p…
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