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Karen Guadalupe Kilgariff is the only Karen that deserves rights. The Anti-Karen. Sis got a seat at the quinceañera…
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I’m not stanning white people anymore. Karen Guadalupe Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark De La Cruz can stay. Everyone else can kick rocks.
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@SM_Creepshow This is an analogy from Karen Kilgariff of my favorite murder. I read the book last year and think of…
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RT @collmc97: reasons I’m gay: Karen Kilgariff
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4 of 5 stars to Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered by Karen Kilgariff
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RT @sarahcpr: We are living in the strangest strangest timeline
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Karen Kilgariff is maybe the funniest thing on the planet. Do yourself a favor and listen to her songs. JFC
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“I'm kind of like a reverse piñata. you have to come in here. then there's fun stuff.” - Karen Kilgariff (MFM 144)
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it’s crazy bc karen kilgariff and i are like the same, just i’m younger and mixed and lesbian but like still (yea…
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Highest earnings podcasters in 2019, according to @Forbes: 1) Joe Rogan – $30M 2) Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hards…
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MFM (My Favorite Murder) is MFP (my favorite podcast). It’s creepy and funny and lighthearted and GOOD
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Back to my happy place
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every joke i make is taken from “oh no! not another 1,000 jokes for kids” by michael kilgariff
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New episode from "My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark": 224 - What’s In Your Pants?
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also, there is countless stuff about this on google if you search her name, but i want to credit the podcast as well
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back on twitter to check out what’s up with karen kilgariff before I go outside to read her book
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@and_YNWA This and that bitch who called the cops on the dude birding in the park are just two Karens too far for m…
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@KarenKilgariff @MarkAgee Before watching a I googled “does Karen Kilgariff like Derry Girls?” bc I thought she’d m…
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I would want to be Olga the Disillusioned even IF she didn’t have such powerful Karen Kilgariff looks.
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In a world full of Karen’s.... be Karen Kilgariff #ssdgm
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