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RT @kellengoff: I did a video with Zach a while back. He's a great kid. Him and many others need our blood, so if you can give, ple…
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RT @ThomasVConti: Mais de mês virando noite pesquisando e escrevendo sobre o Covid, o que ciência e experiência internacional dizem.…
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@tree0217 그쵸... 남은닭은뭐하지
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RT @hecraveskay: Whoever get a kid outta me .. you gone be one lucky mf 🥰🤷🏽‍♀️
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RT @TOWER_KPop: 🎤オフィシャルレポート🎤 #ONEUS が2020/2/15(土)舞浜アンフィシアターにて開催した『FLY WITH US』ツアーファイナル公演のオフィシャルレポート、本日は後編をお届けします🌛💓…
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RT @artbyhobo: @darklordjournal plot twist? "it was all a dream" of some kid who fell asleep in the barn, right at the climax of t…
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RT @KarenAttiah: As the kid of immigrants, the "Karen is a racial slur" business is hilarious. My mom named me Karen (and gave my…
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If Lorelei and Luke get married and it turns out Rory is pregnant with Jess’s kid, her child will also be her step-…
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RT @ignacio_aries: 11. Peter Pan was an angel that held kid's hand when on their way to heaven (Neverland). That's why they never grew…
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RT @itsceleyy: I feel like..Jayda is young, 22. She had her baby at 21. She has a right to give advice to have fun& live your life…
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RT @SheepEva11: If I saw this post as a kid I would cry, but I'm older and smarter now and this is simply just a fact in my eyes.
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From the archives: @kidcudi - Rain | #hiphop #indierockhiphop |
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@daaaamnginaaaa Cuz you prolly would’ve slapped the kid by then 😂
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RT @Dom_2k: The storyline where Lebron catches this kid's body in the last year of his career while he's a rookie
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RT @ShelbyTwp911: If you drop your gloves/masks in carts and parking lots, we are officially revoking your #TeamShelby card. Who’s su…
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RT @VerboVoz: Des tweets de la gauche intersectionnelle haineuse britannique qui souhaite la mort de Boris Johnson. Tout vas bie…
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@cynicalbiitch I watched it as a kid with my dad, but that was in like 1990. And I don't think I've seen this (terrible/awesome) episode.
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RT @yxngxcarti: Parents when they kid make a valid point during an argument
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@proviewsusa @JoeBiden @VICE Oh, so he feels more need to die so advances for elites happen, so no elite ever has t…
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