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RT @cleenkids: Please stop bringing this back 🤣 I know Mahiro is handsome on this one but that Asahi at the back is just his cosp…
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@carlafowler16 We need an #Earper t-shirt that just says STAIRS. #WynonnaEarp
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RT @DanielRandazz: I will just put this link here for the doctors that Tim Smith @TimSmithMP has blocked, just because they questioned…
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RT @MarinaMedvin: The juxtaposition of the right and the left is just astounding.
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I mean good in everything I do everybody just don’t understand me .
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i think I’m just so happy cuz I loved it so much when it came out and she didn’t perform it until the last few shows
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RT @MeidasTouch: Trump can’t delay the election. He’s just trying to distract you from the fact that he destroyed the economy and ha…
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United never needed him, Mou was just looking for a way to piss Pep off
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RT @blackgirlpeach: Someone tell me I look cut bc my hair didn’t come out how I wanted and I’m just going to work with it bc I have wor…
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@buffyssummerrs not me rewatching killing eve just to see her🥵
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@grovesprof @onthemedia @OTMBrooke @just_shelter @WBEZ How is it racist? If you do not pay your rent, why should a…
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RT @TomiLahren: The Left embraces socialism, communism, Marxism and the overall hatred of America and it’s CONSERVATIVES who are ce…
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ugh this mecq scare put me in panICK mode cos originally i was gonna get sgt. ballsy on august 22, so i shopped fo…
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RT @TaylerUSA: I just found out my grandpa, a lifetime Republican is voting Democrat this fall... This would’ve never happened if he were still alive!
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@maqart55 @Freyisprochoice @GatoGelato00 I just don't understand why anyone would feel genuinely threatened lol Da…
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RT @thehill: JUST IN: Trump putting TikTok ban on hold for 45 days: report
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RT @SJAMcBride: John Hume is dead, just 6 months after the death of that other SDLP giant, Seamus Mallon. When others turned to the…
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RT @SassyKadiK: I’m so sick of the constant abuse from Trump. No matter the issue, he always chooses against America. Just one fuck…
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RT @dduddujisoo: Jiae be saying she only knew about the comeback just now and that the hair colour change is just for her health HAHAHAGAHAGAG I CAN’T
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RT @JohnStossel: 2 Americans just landed safely after spending 2 months in space. 11 years ago, an Obama committee concluded that w…
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