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RT @MrNoobtendo: Got my goals delivered today!! just need ball haha #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #acnhdesigns
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RT @thiraazmii: always make dua for the one u loved. just because u cant have them, doesnt mean that u have to stop loving them
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RT @ShirtWhere: Truely struggle when my heart said just do it but my wallett weakly whisper no 🙊 can it get cheaper than this? 😭…
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Just finished watching Season 4 of #RHOD and still love @BrandiRedmond the funniest 😁😁 housewife and @stephhollman
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@J_D_Hathaway @zevonesque Yesss... I think I just dated myself, but yessss... 😂😂😂
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RT @PsychScientists: My daughter just schooled her uncle on how the unicorn he was showing her was actually an alicorn by basically layi…
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They just know my soul too pure that’s why they still fuck w me bruh never name drop tho
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RT @funder: BREAKING: Trump just attacked the World Health Organization and said he’s halting funding to them. During a pandemi…
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idek why I check my social media past 2 am like it’s literally just me and the twitter ads
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RT @wvtercvge: If I say Ima call you back just go and enjoy the rest of your day and be safe
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RT @AYCOMEDIAN: If una one kuku kill me, make una kill me here today.This Giveaway must have Terms & Conditions as i send 10k each…
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RT @BioDataCentre: Just a little reminder, the small blue butterflies flying right now are Holly Blue - Common Blue won't emerge for a…
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RT @loveinautomatic: if i did linework drawings would you guys could print and color them would you be interested? completely free, i’d…
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RT @conservmillen: Some people just need to admit they don’t want there to be a cure for Coronavirus before November
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RT @rileythefighter: HE KEPT FORGOTTING THE WORDS SO HE JUST GAVE UP #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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#SAPSShouldFocusOn locking Malusi Gigaba up. He's just roaming the streets, visiting Manana and he traumatised us w…
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@OGBunz Idk why he’s even bitching because nobody is going to show up to a fortnite even playing on a CONTROLLER an…
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@hoeforten Omgggg I asked him too but he just hearted it. Omooooooo. Jungwoo solo on June my heart 😭💕
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RT @naukarshah: Whether India succumbed to US threat or as some Indian media reported, it was just a friendly request. Remember, wh…
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