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Like that really burns me up. Niggas follow ppl 15+ their junior and expect them to tweet about the same shit. Wtf…
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RT @562sports: Wilson junior golfer Emi Sverduk saved the hardest part for last on Tuesday while winning the CIF State Southern Re…
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RT @randlight: Magistrate Rodney Higgins, who created controversy in 2019 by embarking on a relationship w…
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RT @GOT7Official: 몸과 마음을 채워주는 양식! 늘 고마워요~ Supports for both our body and soul! Thank you always~ #GOT7 #Junior #BamBam
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RT @WillyRodri13: ¿Solo tres fechas de sanción para Sebastián Viera? ¡La sacó barata el arquero uruguayo. Por lo que menciono y se v…
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RT @leeapple44: Super Junior was the first one to use the word 'Maknae On Top' and it's recorded in Naver Dictionary. It's used onl…
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@DrMalo Ahí era el junior
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@LeandroAlves357 @marcosdoval Todos falavam o mesmo da telefonia. Mas, pera aí ? Privado retira concorrência.…
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@MissKelsey_RX Junior resident? 😂
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@AngryNIdaho @quinnperry Damn. Sad news. Our junior partner reaches out with all of our condolences.
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@GergelyOrosz @EmmaBostian I never understood this either, most of the time these companies not allowing that also…
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2023 OL/DL Bridges Teal did a great job today @Newberry_FB’s invite only underclassmen camp! He is definitely one t…
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RT @bluezharp: Junior Wells🎶'Someday Baby' #blues #bluesmusic #harmonica #bluesharp
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Kalo cowo, kibum super junior Kalo cewe, snsd yuri Kalo yang sampe aku suka banget itu L INFINITE
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Férias antecipadas e prolongadas p/ o Ceni até dez/21 urgente @marcosbrazrio !
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@profjunior10 @Corinthians Tmj, Júnior! Nós dois estamos putos com time. Tem mais uns 30 milhões que tbm estão. Ess…
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RT @kyuhyunvids: kyuhyun solo part during devil live stage super junior music bank zoomed in zoomed out frantically cameramen on cra…
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@xavierck3d Yeah that's... that's the fucked up thing about trying to get in as junior concept. I've been struggling for years.
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Siii jsjsjs he soñado con todo Super Junior, de ahi soñe con D&E y el ultimo sueño que tuve fue con Hae #슈퍼주니어…
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【音韓】リョウク(SUPER JUNIOR)に投票完了!現在の得票数:329票 人気投票はこちらから↓ #リョウク
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