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Motto of all Pakistani state pillars & media. My loyalty goes to the highest bidder. All of them are like jukeboxes…
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RT @AlextheHorse2: Bought a couple non working jukeboxes and finally got around to messing with them and got one to work! So excited a…
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@4500dinero Kool can still play our songs on the Touchtunes jukeboxes
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There are only five people in New York capable of fixing antique jukeboxes.
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RT @davidmillertv: Do you love jukeboxes? This was a jukebox in 1948!
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Do you love jukeboxes? This was a jukebox in 1948!
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@Hodgey5 All I have to say is Ice-T use to run shit in that game, and Sean Paul in the bar w the jukeboxes... ahhh the good ole days
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Brilliant footage of jukeboxes being built - through the round window.
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@demWildcat @jaysqueezie There are so few places with record player jukeboxes anymore honestly. Most places have the digital jukeboxes now.
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Jukeboxes are so obnoxious
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Don't Pull Your Love Out by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds #NowPlaying This song reminds me…
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RT @EH20206: Jukeboxes on the go, say it ain’t so, is that Ell Hamlett making doh? Everyone on strings, straighteners with mings…
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RT @pius_pio: @cyprianongeri1 We are on the way back to, select and play. Death to Deejaying!
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@cyprianongeri1 We are on the way back to, select and play. Death to Deejaying!
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the only thing i personally can't wait to build is the diner bc i love that sht....milkshakes and jukeboxes
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@Enrique9fingers @gregbastardo @greasyhckid 100% real no fake. Tienen una buena selección en esas jukeboxes de cantina.
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We also asked which of these jobs Holiday Inns’ founder Kemmons Wilson held before creating his motel chain: A) sol…
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@RichieFirth @bushontheradio Pub Jukeboxes. They would clean up.
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Just a few more days as the @texasroadhouse Artist of the Month! It’s been a fun ride this month despite some resta…
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We are licensed by the Gambling Commission so we supply, by means of rental or profit sharing, #FruitMachines,…
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