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Nogle besøger seværdigheder eller øer - Jonas besøgte alle Danmarks Bilka'er: Her er dommen over Holstebros
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RT @epigmenioibarra: 21 Jesús 22 Jonás 23 JorgeAlvarez 24 Jorge Aníbal El GIEI consideró técnicamente imposible la incineración de los 4…
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RT @enpofficial: In two days, a new Miss Universe Philippines will be crowned. Today is the start of the rigorous rehearsals. The or…
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RT @tudosobre_jonas: Tá pra existir homem mais bonito que o Joe Jonas em 2021.
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eu so queria dormir crlh inferno desgraça q odioooo
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RT @nickjscenery: cuando los jonas brothers se fueron de descanso, regresaron, se separaron para volver después de años
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RT @UN_News_Centre: Priyanka Chopra Jonas is one of the many women @UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors. Learn more here ⤵️…
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RT @chikitungis: I just think that at our old ass age if someone GENUINELY enjoys something..whether it be Disneyland or an opener f…
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Estuve a punto de escribirle a esa persona, Qué pedo pendej@; vete a la verga.
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#Deportes I A un año de iniciar su travesía por el mundo, el alemán Jonas Deichmann, conocido como el Forrest Gump…
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só o Jonas pra me deixar suave, pq se dependesse de mim, ia ser uma merda feita a cada minuto, pqp
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A person with a good heart and a beautiful soul. Yes, that's Priyanka Chopra Jonas 💛
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RT @hardy_alison: NEW Talking D&T podcast episode out today: "TD&T077 Talking authentic STEM with Professor Jonas Hallstrom" at…
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RT @AlexaJessop1: @ashlie_weeks Well! Since you've brought it up I am 66 and I don't know anyone who referred to Dr Jonas Salk as a…
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Listen the best music. Now Close - Nick Jonas; Tove Lo on
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Unfortunately, Scott there would be a shitload of people walking around happily contracting/spreading Polio and cit…
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RT @HoldOnJonass: Creo que del único vato que estaré enculada por toda mi vida, será de Joe Jonas. He dicho, caso cerrado.
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@MayorgDavid Ese no es el Joe Jonas peruano?
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@jonas_harvey Are you talking about the "twist" reveal and the womens prison scene?
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