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RT @mahmoudkenny98: Elizabeth “I’m a capitalist to my bones” Warren : Capitalism can exist without racism Cornel West : From Joe Rog…
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UGH. Willing to bet this has to do with their AWFUL new practice of auctioning off the 'buy box' to 3rd party selle…
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RT @jfberke: Joe Biden: "Marijuana is a gateway drug." Andrew Yang:
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@hexanowl Poor Joe, I've smoked for some time now, and the only other "Drug" I have imbibed on is Tylonol, Caffein…
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RT @solodeauxleaux: Joe let Cyn move into the house knowing she couldn’t even hold mop or broom but she was fine so that’s that. Lnao
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RT @Wrekonize: Joe Biden also said you can’t spell Crap without RAP.
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RT @frazierapproves: Fat Joe looks like he’s been banned from every riverboat in Missouri
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RT @patlust: @Goss30Goss @JoeBiden You better study this Joe, you’ll see legalizing pot is better for reduction of hard drug use…
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Crown calling for order prohibiting Anderson Joe from owning any animals for the rest of his life during sentencing…
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@NathJMCFC @LFC__Tom Allison, Joe Gomez, Matip, Keita, Oxlade Chamberlain?
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RT @EmeraldRobinson: Why hasn't anyone been prosecuted from the Clinton Foundation? Why hasn't Ilhan Omar been prosecuted for fraud? W…
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@andrewshermak2 @TrumpWarRoom How convenient...only after uncle Joe got the prosecutor fired. Boy try to keep up. A…
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RT @btsportrugby: "Absolutely brilliant defensive play. Hungry for work!" @BrianODriscoll breaks down Jacob Stockdale's incredible p…
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@JoeBiden Seriously Joe, have someone talk you down from this "war on drugs" stance. It's irresponsible at this point to continue it.
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RT @PsycheofGreece_: Joe is my favorite psychopath for real
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RT @RealMattCouch: Dems Star Witness Says He Raised Concerns About Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Board Position to Joe Biden’s Office in 2015…
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@MSNBC @BreakingChesky What about Epstein's involvement with Trump, Giuliani, Dershowitz et al? Why isn't the media…
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RT @ErieMom: “Hey Ambassador Sondland,” tweeted Joe Scarborough, a former congressman turned TV host, “Roger Stone lied to Congr…
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RT @charliekirk11: President Trump should testify after we hear from: Obama Joe Biden Hunter Biden Bruce Ohr Loretta Lynch Hilla…
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