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I still get mad at the fact that Jody did not wanna finish Rodney off & Peat had to do it 😒
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@DJJazzyJody So sorry to hear that Jody. I've really enjoyed so many things that you have written over the years. G…
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@bad_boson @cactuswrendo @RaheemKassam @jaketapper That was AFTER her being sworn in at the Supreme Court, not in t…
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Melvin was not wrong for Knocking Jody ass out , he needed his head knocked fuckin straight
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I-... am not surprised
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@DJJazzyJody I’m speechless. I don’t get it. There need to be more voices like Jody in sports writing, not less.
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not jody tryna give yvette head while she crying after he slapped the shit outta her 😭😭😭 it get me every time.
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@Jody_Houser It’s not bad! Like I’d love to be around a table but it’s better than I expected
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RT @ewarren: This is a dark day. But it's important to remember why Republicans fought so hard to steal this Supreme Court seat.…
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My son said im not allowed to date I said momma gotta have a life to Jody 😂
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@traviebird00 @Jody_McFly @SK_1_NZ How do people not understand this
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@jody_ov Yeah probably not much. Just thinking about all the “we’re gonna burn it everything down!” talk that was g…
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RT @bryanedwardhill: Excellent and clear thread from Australia that cuts through Covid misinformation. It's not alarmist or dismissive,…
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@DJJazzyJody The Vines, the scowl, the Vineyard serenades, and the Stifle Tower! Not to mention sharing your real l…
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