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RT @AgingAnarchist: 今日はCircle Jerks, ex. Bad Religionのギタリスト、グレッグ・ヘトソンさんの自宅スタジオに行ってきました。場所は南カリフォルニアのヤシの木が生えてる辺りです。先週から親友のバンドがここで収録をしています…
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@Theresaroets911 No, only jerks
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I was stopped at a traffic light here in C-c-c-c-cripes-it's-cold-Canada & there were 4 ppl w. anti-vaxxer signs, 1…
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i know he isn't mine but i rlly hope he thinks of me when he jerks off
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@BUBU_ZIYECH I don’t think @AriLennox is calling haler fans that, i really think that’s directed to the idiots that…
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@tribelaw What more do they need? As you say it's in plain sight. Need evidence? Watch the footage. Read T's tellin…
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@mitisbellator ||: why do brains have to be such jerks? 😩
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Thou evening, within Next to Gear, Jeremy sexes 61 Hawaiian nationalists, Richard legit no cap fuckin gets moronica…
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@Theresaroets911 Nope. Real men would talk you down and find out why you are crying then take steps to help you thr…
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@AndersonBooz @MelissaLantsman Divide, recruit, stoke anger. These jerks know what they're doing. Its not stupidity, its strategy
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RT @ThisDayInDanzig: 1983. Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans, Youth Brigade, The Tourists, Misfits, Goleta, CA. 📸: Kevin Salk
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@jaygold418 "Some chocolate~" She leans over and jerks hes cock while she stared at it.
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RT @Crimealytics: It's like the saying "when you run into a (jerk) once you've run into a (jerk), when you run into (jerks) all day t…
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Circle jerk of Covid Jerks: @VPrasadMDMPH @bariweiss @karol @bethanyshondark @josh_hammer it is so pathetic how the…
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It's like the saying "when you run into a (jerk) once you've run into a (jerk), when you run into (jerks) all day t…
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@disclosetv “Fauci pops a Viagra and jerks his Vienna Sausage to booster shot porn.” Brought to you….by Pfizer.
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@Shulhan As he jerks himself off watching Charlie Chapman reruns
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I see that those jerks woke you up too. Have they no sense of decency!
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Also, I would like you all to meet someone very special. I'm pleased to introduce you to... Emoji Nina. She adorn…
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@afcstuff @ChrisWheatley_ I think it is safe to say that Vlahovic is managed by a bunch of arrogant jerks. Surely h…
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