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RT @Dior: Attending the photocall and premiere of “Io Sto Bene” at the 18th @AliceNellaCitt festival in Rome, Italian actress…
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RT @GMPaiella: The two genders, according to the Italian Consulate's online portal
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RT @Stand_with_HK: Italian activist Patrizia De Grazia is on a 12-day hunger strike to call attention to 12 Hong Kong dissidents detai…
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RT @paulsperry_: BREAKING: Dr. Fauci co-owns an Italian restaurant in San Francisco frequented by Nancy and Paul Pelosi
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La foto de hoy! Saturn and Jupiter over Italian Peaks
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@Bultaulta @____nullpointer @thekaipullai Please tell that sanghidiot while you're still not blocked that Rahul Gan…
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@laurenlovich Ty! it would be my greatest accomplishment if I didn’t go on to discover he was married... for citize…
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@LizEconomy plus, the Italian Foreign Ministry opposed it, it was only supported by the Economic Development Ministry
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What if @DisguisedToast is just an Italian chef. Just a little old Italian chef trying to take over the world... one marination at a time.
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RT @IamKellyJoe: The Mexican Cartel. The Italian Mob. The Irish Gang. The Japanese Yakuza. The Chinese Triads. The Afghanistan T…
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每日天文一图喵~ "Saturn and Jupiter over Italian Peaks "
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@JUNIEBSTONEDx italian wedding soup 😌
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RT @ajitdatta: Says the man who floated a party to break free from Italian leadership, and spent the rest of his career playing se…
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RT @PortraitOfMmeX: During an extended conversation about TMNT last night I realized that, if Splinter was reading books he found in th…
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RT @santegidionews: Watch LIVE the International Meeting of prayer for peace "No one is saved alone" in Italian and with translation in…
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RT @ashnikko: *italian accent* *italian hand* sucka mya nutsa!!!!!!!
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“How Italian are you?” Welp. I just ate a big ball of mozzarella like it was an apple 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
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RT @da13thsun: Do you know; Evil Ones have Th Right of Way for Confusion and Hurting you as LONG AS THEY GIVE PLENTY OF ADVANCE N…
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RT @GMPaiella: The two genders, according to the Italian Consulate's online portal
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@GatianFor2024 Bella Ciao - Originally an Italian Revolutionary song and now truly worldwide.
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