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@ROTBre @realDonaldTrump So you love Satan. Got it. PS Abortion is legal in Israel and always will be.
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RT @olympicchannel: HE. HAS. DONE. IT. @EliudKipchoge is the first human to run a marathon in less than two hours! His official time…
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RT @dvrwinn: Me: I’ll do my homework on Sunday it’s fine Me on Sunday:
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they have a pure white claw 😩 I need to try it asap
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RT @neeratanden: It’s. Too. Late. Why did you let the Turks do this in the first place?
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RT @maryam_koraitim: I am getting better every day and I hope it keeps going on
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Ok as much as i love foxes i literaly have never made one into a suit and it's now on the to-do list Autumn themed colors~
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and we were like haha yeah whatever but then they kept having to move stuff away from him cuz he was trying to thro…
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Take a look at this lecture by Lindzen and share it with your friends and family for a fact-based less emotional a…
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@RealRonHoward @_cjbear I remember "make it a Blockbuster night"!
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@HelloKaymie @CodyAMorrow Btw future significant other: If you come home with a bunch of puppies, I won't even be m…
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RT @itsahniki: I'm still deciding on whether or not to post all the art book pages online. Maybe just my favorite ones and WIPs. T…
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RT @Andrew_Adonis: The European Union is so good at standing by its members, I wish we could join! Look at the way all 26 other EU co…
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RT @TweetsByTheTony: I just spent 45 minutes roasting a delicious spaghetti squash. Definitely more liquid than usual. Hey, why’s it not…
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RT @alterego: ditty is shutting down this month, so i’d like to sit down and appreciate a classic before it does
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RT @marklevinshow: Tonight on Fox at 10 PM eastern a special edition of Life, Liberty & Levin! No guest. I spend the entire hour disc…
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RT @Jamierodr14: .PATRIOTIC! This Nevada trooper & Military Veteran spotted something on the road while on patrol, circled back arou…
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RT @ROBOGART: I think I saw on twitter the other day that it was Naruto's b-day! I've been wanting to doodle a Naruto so here's h…
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RT @aysshie: A child taking the father’s name and not the mom’s has to be one of the biggest scams of patriarchy and everytime I…
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Before the end of 2019 I claim it ❗️🙏🏽
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