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It’s my happy place. Trust me I’m very involved with #politicalprocess w/ @EVIndivisibles #Letterwriting & donating…
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RT @_Missjulie123: One thing I always had to dealt with even NOW is my BOOBS . . . Im not sure why it’s such a big deal to some female…
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@AAA30057059 @thepaleblood โลโค่น่ารักที่สุดในค่ายเลย ยิ่งดู it's dangerous beyond the blankets ยิ่งน่ารักขึ้นไปอีก
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RT @Wexhammer3: @IrelandsFarmers hi lads my son is a level 5 student in kildalton has a lot of experience and had work lined up in…
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RT @carolecadwalla: This is so incredibly shocking. Even though it’s also so incredibly surprising
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RT @ZYADHM3: تبغى اضمن لك اكثر من 200 اضافه؟؟ ' طبق الشروط 👇🏻 ' 1-ضيفني 🔥 2-لايك على هذي التغريده🔥 3- رتويت على هذي التغريد 🔥 4-…
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RT @AsimRiazFP: #AsimRiaz's #KallaSohnaNai has reached 40M views and has officially surpassed the male version of the song in just…
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RT @friasmp: Much like covid19, ain’t shit gunna change until it gets close to home. People take it as a joke until it directly…
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@RiotAugust August, pls check it out~ It's a serious bug that could cause pro games esport unfair
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RT @AvantGardeGoth: Gays over thirty love to get drunk at a friend’s place and watch music video it’s like catnip to us
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RT @btseoulove: was thinking about how attractive & sharp taehyung's eyes are whenever he wears a mask, it's so hot
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@malloryaugusta @its_JNSCOVILLE I think it’s tolerable for me too. But me & Mallory love our space 😂
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It's very unfortunate that some people are pocketing money that's meant to help fight covid 19 in their individual…
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RT @JustJoke21: 4ch*n is trying to hijack our #BernReturn hashtag to make people believe it's false! DON'T TRUST THESE PEOPLE!
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RT @railpage: Emerging from the tunnel and strengthening rail supply chains #news #rail #trains
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I know I complain a lot about people not understanding social distancing but like it’s honestly so fucking sad that…
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RT @meongdays: he’s so bad i'll make it last [ #NCTzenSelcaDay #haechan ]
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RT @IniAnwarHadi: You ever get friend-crushes? It's like getting a crush, but instead of desiring them as a romantic partner, you jus…
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@adorn_the_sky @Glinner I don’t want any of these either. I’ll take the Famous Five. As long as it’s not the transed George version.
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@ReadyfeatDemi @FUTUREDlSCO @makeitquiets @PopCrave it's already declared fake idk what you are trying to prove 😭 s…
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