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RT @escape_pain: "ESCAPE-pain has helped my golf which is my main hobby." Fab participant feedback on #FeelGoodFriday from Eastern L…
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RT @MartinKulldorff: After widespread protests, Denmark is lifting nearly all Covid restrictions.
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There is a chance that at some point, someone was masturbating when you texted them. #RandomThoughts #ShowerThoughts
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What is it about me that makes me so undesirable to everyone ?
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RT @BecomeAManAgain: Unpopular Opinion: Most Beautiful woman are replaceable, but Most High-Value Men are not. This is why the top 1%…
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RT @melissa_schober: Assuming secondary is high school only, we're testing only 20% of students. If it includes 6-8 too, we're testing o…
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RT @BloombergNRG: The U.K. is resurrecting a plan to cut VAT from soaring energy bills
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RT @joemilano9: @JoostBroekers The "pandemic" has functioned as a litmus test for wisdom. The results are very disheartening. Being…
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RT @TyjaTyja: thinking a nigga left me alone is crazy 😮‍💨
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RT @cursedhive: to be so lonely is such a great song. like due to that song alone i’ll never be able to join the harry styles hate train im sorry
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RT @rishibagree: This happened in Mumbai when : Hamid Ansari was VP Pratibha Patil was President Congress Govt was in Maharashtra…
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RT @Tractor2twitr: .@narendramodi is trying to lure voters from Uttarakhand, Manipur & Punjab by wearing their traditional attire. All…
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RT @NiggazBackWILIN: the avengers: "the city is saved" the city:
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@RepBobbyRush @POTUS Oh big fkn deal what color the nominee is…Jesus Christ. BIDEN is the biggest racist there is
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RT @amitbhatia1509: Here is the journey of @ishehnaaz_gill how she became queen of hearts and kyu shehnaaz gill banna aasan nahin ..Do…
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RT @JannerDarren: 40 mile long Convoy of Canadian Truckers is piling into Ottawa, Canada, this weekend. Trudeau has gone into hiding…
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RT @Realtimileyin: The ruling class is Nigeria is one big family. This is only their drama season so don't get carried away.
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RT @ForeverWILIN_: Damn this is such a good song let me play it 78 times an hour until i hate it
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RT @gantepvaliligi: Valimiz Davut Gül, @GaziantepBeld Başkanı @FatmaSahin ve Gaziantep Milletvekilleri, yoğun kar yağışı nedeniyle…
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RT @PixelPecanPie: For those who are wondering why YUJU is crying, it was due to the death of Kim Ju-yul during the April Revolution i…
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