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I hate internet ass ppl
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People of the internet, hear my cry! I am looking into possibly getting an iPad Pro as my next drawing tablet and…
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Faut leurs couper internet et confisquer leur caméra
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RT @SVNewsAlerts: JUST IN: Sen. Kelly Loeffler introduces law limiting scope of Section 230 legal immunity, “to stop un-American cens…
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Agora entendi o porquê minha internet estava lenta... O WIFI não aguentou o peso da belas das Lisoo rsrs
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@lucasfrittzes A gnt n vai ver revolução nunca. As principais lideranças políticas ficam na internet fazendo meme.…
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The 3rd week of #NationalCybersecurityAwarenessMonth explores the vulnerabilities of Internet-connected healthcare…
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Dear @Airtel_Presence Looks like I will have to get Second connection @JioCare @fiber_jio Disconnected as well cann…
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RT @Kinoby7: me acaba de llegar, lo reinicio y no tengo internet, me meto en aplicaciones en segundo plano y me sale eso necesit…
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Mto fácil pagar de empreendedor na internet se encostando nas outras pessoas q fazem o negócio com vc
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Minha internet ta mto ruim, quais os emojis de hoje?
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RT @GatitosVideos: Por estas cosas uso internet😹Sound on🔊
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RT @Kiiiimiiiia: Les pasteurs d’internet quand y’a des problèmes importants où ils doivent prendre position on les entend jamais, il…
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In about 20 minutes, we're going to be taking part in the @mashable Social Good Series. Tune in for a discussion o…
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Hj q meu expediente vai acabar mais cedo minha internet ta caindo toda hr e me atrasando nas coisas q tenho q fazer…
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IT is now @​698​.beats
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@dcwhatwhat There are no utilities right now but I should be able to get electricity and internet as all the nearby…
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RT @RukaTrue_: Outrage and mob mentality is contagious on the internet. Focus on the injustice at hand. Bring awareness. Use your…
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RT @_JukeBoxx: Mama Tina said “Beyoncé might not say it but I will” 😂 it’s the “couch internet activist” for me
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