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I’m not particularly attractive or interesting, also I go to an all boys school, so I don’t interact with many women
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RT @tootiredtoworry: @BBCWorld Huh...that's interesting. Sort of looking like the problem may just solve itself.
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Makes interesting reading 🤔
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RT @abcmatt: A very interesting story about Theodore Roosevelt! Directly relevant to the story of the US aircraft carrier comman…
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Any women on here want to have an interesting chat?
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furuya is so boring his whole character development so far has been him having to get more stamina oh wow so interesting
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RT @docNStock: Quantification for non-targeted LC/MS screening WITHOUT standards .... looks like a very interesting approach!!
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RT @arrington: Things are getting interesting in Seattle
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@denkiitsune Interesting idea
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RT @threadreaderapp: @rr9108 Hallo, the unroll you asked for: @COsweda: Thread For @Raging_Red I've got some ammunition for you use agai…
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RT @Aquarius_A7: #Aquarius are always seeking what is interesting and fearful of missing something newsworthy. #AstrologyFacts
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RT @Cathalhu: Interesting to look at #COVID19 arts support per head of population i.e. how much value does a government give to t…
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RT @saminaUFshaikh: You know what’s the interesting part? He’s one of the Khans who’s been constantly questioned about his patriotism t…
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@keepcalm_change Interesting rewriting of history there. Corbyn resigned after an abysmal election result, he was n…
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@raluvscats @MCRofficial My Chemical Romance ? 😍 Interesting, never knew this side of u.
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This is very interesting as u scroll down you go deeper and deeper in the sea... this is really amazing.. Show it t…
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RT @saintvenchy: Kim really had the nerve to say kourtney is the least interesting to look at
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@g6juice This is an interesting read
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RT @dbbovey: This thread is genuinely interesting, and the kind of stuff of which I want more.
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