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RT @dondonssi: i just find it funny how people discredit dowoon’s drumming skills when he is literally The Only member in day6 tha…
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Instrument Plain
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@LizzyLynn13 woo! I'm also an instrument player! Mainly violin, but also piano, melodeon, and learning irish whistl…
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@jamlanlovesyou "Skin flute" is my go-to answer to the instrument question 🤣
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RT @simonlipkin: Next lockdown, no Netflix, Amazon Prime or anything. No music or books. No online concerts. Learn an instrument or…
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Zhuhai JiDa Huapu Instrument Co.,Ltd is certified in quality management. We only manufacture premium-quality produc…
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@Smithjoebolivia @JasonIsbell This isn't about the sound or instrument quality. This is about some questionable musical decisions.
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RT @LesOfMoore: #Droopy pottered into the band auditions for #AnimalAlphabets and stunned us all with his large instrument. I'll n…
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When you learn an instrument, you first learn notes, and chords Then you learn to make nice sounds, properly Then y…
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RT @KurdishWpodcast: Sinem Arin , a Kurdish woman from Dersim of Northern Kurdistan makes Temburs ( Traditional kurdish music instrument…
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"I will sing a new song unto thee, O God: upon a psaltery [and] an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises un…
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Remembering our early days of passing out sandwiches to houseless encampments at the park near the protests - there…
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RT @FixOurSenate: The filibuster’s true pedigree is as an instrument of white supremacy.
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Field Instrument Engineer in an Oil and Gas Company
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The ACC Music Department & @RockleyFamFound host their annual piano/instrument sale Oct. 1-3 at the Douglas County…
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Does the keytar still exist? Or was it an instrument so powerful it just vanished from our timeline?
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The #camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.
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RT @rwazorz: mfs be smoking and talking about “i wanna learn an instrument” bro you worried about the wrong organ
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RT @dondonssi: i just find it funny how people discredit dowoon’s drumming skills when he is literally The Only member in day6 tha…
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RT @_JoeMiddleton: "The Clinical Frailty Scale appears to be a valid and reliable instrument to identify frailty in the ED. It might p…
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