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RT @ksihyeonpics: 190929 © innocent rabbit
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You know that situation I had with the Post Office, was a curse from when my 2nd oldest Brother sent that innocent,…
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‘No Choice’ or ‘a Sham’: Where Every House Member Stands on the Articles of Impeachment We…
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RT @StevenBeschloss: Trump can tweet more than 50 times this morning, including attacking a 16-year-old girl dedicated to addressing the…
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RT @Latinos4Lib: Being pro-life is NOT contradictory to being pro-gun. Both are stances based on the preservation of innocent life.
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@yairlapid We will explain to our children that until proven guilty one is innocent..... in Israel you seem to have…
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RT @FPWellman: This is disgusting. We all took the same drugs but over 2M of us didn’t slaughter over a dozen innocent people. Fuc…
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RT @DogginTrump: So according to GOP logic, the next time I get a parking ticket, I won't have to show up to court to prove my innoc…
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I mean my baby is innocent, he was controlled by palpatine all the time. My baby😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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RT @Bucs06: @RepMarkMeadows It’s terrifying. This is not the first time that the FBI has framed an innocent man think about Richard Jewell.
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@Yuvalzh @TheHSCharts get your info correctly this "Israel" thing was nonexistent and still is lol y'all are delusi…
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RT @_SJPeace_: Jews and Doctors were arrested today at Border Patrol HQ in San Diego The were there demanding that they'd be allo…
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Republicons make good prosecutors. They've put enough poor innocent people in jail.
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RT @majidch47: Being a student a strongly condemned this attack on innocent students. Government should take serious action agains…
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@Acosta There wouldn't be chances for bombshells, if he were innocent. The Senate doesn't want to know the truth. P…
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RT @bootycheeks: cops after accidentally shooting and killing another innocent civilian
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