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RT @ZeeNews: हाथरस गैंगरेप: मासूम की जीभ काटी, रीढ़ की हड्डी तोड़ी और फिर कर दी हत्या #HathrasGangrape #UPHathras
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Daniel O'Shaughnessy & Nikolai Alho called up again to the Finland national team, also Rasmus Schüller returns to t…
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5 killed, 2 injured in blast in KP's Nowshera
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@Balerion_S It’s mad really. Almost as if they always want something to moan about. These are the same ones who pre…
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RT @HikmetHajiyev: The Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan stated that during the shelling of the Azerbaijani settlements by Arm…
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@utdreport Imagine selling James after signing Sancho and Rashford injured himself in the next coming game 💀
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RT @ChandiaJamil: At least 52 more people were killed in the three days of communal violence tht broke out in India’s capital. Over 2…
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RT @BakoyanRustam: As a result of #Azerbaijani aggression against #Artsakh a 9-year-old child has been killed. The mother and little b…
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@GemmaTognini My wife forced me to take an injured bird to the vet once when it flew into the window in the middle…
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RT @Reemzestilo: Arsenal fans with Pepe kinda reminds me of how we were with Memphis. We wanted him to be a success so bad looool we…
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@BasiUdofia @Neo41248601 @dackyyyyyy @ipvdo @stylebender to each their own. ill believe what i want until he comes…
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RT @SVNewsAlerts: BREAKING: Massive explosion reported at a restaurant in #Wuhan, China; multiple trapped and injured.
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RT @ZeeNews: हाथरस गैंगरेप: मासूम की जीभ काटी, रीढ़ की हड्डी तोड़ी और फिर कर दी हत्या #HathrasGangrape #UPHathras
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RT @JannatKulachi: Peace be upon the innocent four year old girl that held her father head on her small little injured hands 💔 ( Sakina Bint e Hussainؑ )
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@limbergoals “You’re not even injured are you?”
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RT @MacDonaldM_: what started as a peace protest by BIUST students for their living allowances to be credited quickly escalated into…
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@StunningShivin As per precap he was already injured.
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RT @hashmi_shahid: would be a sad loss if he migrates to Australia, which he has finalized, huge potential. Once I met him at Dubai ai…
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@ribbonaxel I read Kapranova was Viner fave? And Sessina was much better but she got injured and that is why Kanaev…
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