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RT @NoStraightRoads: Ready to rock? #NoStraightRoads is currently 25% off on the Nintendo eShop in Europe, North America & Australia!…
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RT @panononi: In the midst of millions stardust, I've encountered you I wish we'd still feel the same if we happened to meet agai…
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@VZWSupport Nothing I can think of. Also, replaced the previous SIM (from my old iPhone 11) with a new “5G” SIM dir…
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@emmbeco I know but I'm furious she said it in the first place having been through the pain of not being with famil…
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Ich habe gerade meine Mistreiterinnen im #wolgoeshealthcare kennen gelernt! Wir sitzen in ganz Deutschland verteilt…
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RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 27 October 1938 | Dutch Jewish girl Beppy Abrahamson was born in Amsterdam. She was deported to #Auschwitz and mur…
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RT @Maricciiii: 🇬🇧🇺🇸in recent years,Man is seeing an ugly press and cultural attack on the character of the Holy Prophet in all par…
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@4loveva agra a city in india
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@TWCPstl @Nelly_Mo @SideProjectBrew For the FB release, do we need to have the proxy name in advance? Or can we jus…
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RT @peachbobax: deleting this in like 5min but... EVERYTHING WENT WRONG WITH THIS TIK TOK AJSHAIANIJA, including me forgetting the…
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@joshtpm @RadioFreeTom Increase the number of representatives in the House for starters.
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In El Satan Tiger … Yousra shows off her beauty on the red carpet
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RT @bellan0va: At least we can maneuver our lives in such a way that adapting to stressors and changes become what we want them to be
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Hey y’all! Where’s that pesky healthcare reform? I’m interested in reading it. @IdahoGOP
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RT @faitheepony: 10/10/20. 🕯🕊 May all their souls Rest In Peace. #LekkiMassacre
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RT @Nick_Clamorgan: @realDonaldTrump faster than his own shadow, with his razor-sharp wit, directly to the core: In other words, the c…
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RT @Genius: we found love in a hopeless place
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@PlanMaestro Unfortunately my diminished circumstances mean I have no subscription in order to learn more about my condition
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RT @MaleehaHashmey: @ImranKhanPTI Whenever Nawaz Sharif is in trouble, whether he's in power or out of power, we see such blasts & unre…
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