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RT @emmanuelmaurel: Le parquet demande le renvoi à une date ultérieure; Il indique que la diffusion des images @Qofficiel est impossibl…
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RT @Heifer: ATTENTION COFFEE DRINKERS! ☕️ Recently, we have mentioned that it is nearly impossible for small-scale coffee farm…
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RT @_ClaireConnelly: 'If we do not address waste and climate change effectively, then GDP is living off existing wealth and destroying p…
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@DavidBFleming1 Giants goals for the rest of the season, now that 2000 wins is done: 1) Keep Bochy's career Giant…
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RT @imro45fannepal: I Think Rohitian Lost Motivation Right Now ... Just Thing Just Right Now Start Trends , Like We Did Yesterday 40k…
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RT @peterboghossian: Here’s our How to Have Impossible Conversations video OpEd for the New York Times.
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Being a hard guy is impossible for me, my emotions always get the better of me. Just gotta accept it
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RT @knowyourdevil: I could love you but I’m old enough to know not to love the impossible
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RT @Black_Archange: « Je ne suis pas raciste quand je dis le n-word » « je ne pense pas à ces choses là » encore une preuve que les bla…
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RT @nytopinion: It's election/arguing season. Here's a few simple techniques to help your disagreements be productive, from the aut…
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RT @ismael_b13: même si tu me le prouve par A+B j'arriverai jamais à concevoir que quelqu'un puisse être amoureux de moi wAllah ça…
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@tokkoroe after some struggles I see an awful "everything is impossible" but where does "no" belong here
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🎶 Nothing is Impossible 🎶🖤
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Trying to get ready with a devil cat at your side is near impossible
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RT @loveinheadscarf: How will halal and kosher be reconciled with new food technologies? The intersection between faith and technology i…
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@EspanyoletSon @Son Espanyolet, i que passa des renou i sa velocitat des cotxos que passen pes carrer davant de s'e…
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RT @Tokyo2020: Capturing the essence of the #Tokyo2020 Games is a daunting task but to do so in a miniature format seems nearly im…
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RT @hana062sy: @angelesyogi 미국 시민권을 가지고 있지않으면 미국내 medical school 입학은 낙타가 바늘 구멍을 통과하는것 보다 힘들지...100% impossible.
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@YazeedFaHadZz Woooooowwwwwww impossible voice 💀
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RT @heatheranne9: 'We hear from people working two jobs who still don’t have £10 to spare at the end of the month. People constantly…
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