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red velvet are not like boy groups and do not ever imply they are
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RT @ssamd_whore: imagine ignoring/being ignorant enough of your own history to imply that other minorities have a better grasp on co…
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@RachelS57708084 Ok. For what it's worth I didn't to mean to imply that at all. I always believe people if they sa…
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@GundamNoContext Who says Garma couldn't be attracted to both? I don't think there were changes as much as addition…
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RT @agustxddaeng: 2020 yoongi don’t ever say or imply anything bad about 2013 yoongi again
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@V_JosephKatzEsq @brianschatz You realize he was impeached right? So amount of times impeached = 1. Multiples of that would imply > 1. So...
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@B52Malmet yes. they are all trump now. let's stop pretending that they ever gave a damn about country or people.…
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That’s crazy bc that would imply I’d let you get a chance & you’re highly mistaken 🥴
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@Farhan68020698 @AtheistRepublic Even if it HAD a beginning it would NOT imply a creator.
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@Niche88754618 @Amine_ly1 @m0ghees @Paltry8 @talibantrump Of course, you can say it, just be smart about it. You ca…
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@WerewolfHusky But this does imply that most of them are though?
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@MattWalshBlog “Okay so ill just write “reverse the races at the end” ahahaha noone is goin to be able imply thst w…
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@GaneshNatesh @hakwanlau it doesn't imply any such thing? are you saying that if an author does not include X in th…
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@SpeakerPelosi @USPS Starve? He isn’t cutting anything, you imply by not giving more money is starving them?
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@ProfessorYm25 Like it's ok to imply or just admit that they HAD sex, we don't have to fucking SEE all of it
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RT @iMusing: time machine technique alert. Morrison starts shouting lies at Riley, including an aborted attempt to imply that th…
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RT @SallyMayweather: Imagine the gall it takes to imply that Ivan - the man who ended the gun control debate - is a statist 🤦‍♂️ Wtf is…
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