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RT @KaitMarieox: Tony Bobulinski needs to identify as a woman that way Democrats have no choice but to believe him #BelieveWomen
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How are you a grown man and you can’t identify a flying object
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🔸How to identify personality defects in ourself ? 📍In the first stage of introversion, destroying the illusory ima…
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RT @politicalbae_: Do not identify me as a POC for this reason. Time and time again I have to explain this. I am black. Black does not…
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RT @chadloder: #OrangeCounty, CA: Help the community identify this violent psychopath who has attacked elderly people at multiple…
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RT @WomenReadWomen: Men never live as a woman by wearing a burqa, or demand to be treated as one who can't vote, can't drive, feet boun…
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This could be a fun thing to - just have students do some research and identify some people/orgs to follow. I have…
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@ZippedGreene17 @VenturaReport But all those license plates, finger prints, phone data, live streams. All they need…
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RT @chadloder: #OrangeCounty, CA: Help the community identify this violent psychopath who has attacked elderly people at multiple…
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RT @SaraRusak: Top 10 skills of 2025. It is critical to develop, identify, foster, and reward these skills individually and withi…
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@ENT0M0L0G1ST pronouns ≠ gender 👍u can go by he pronouns if it makes u feel comfy and still identify as a femal
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@EdMarkey Ur a mockery. How do u identify a liberal? They wear a mask in their profile pics. It’s the most ridiculous thing ever. 🙄
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@CeciliaGlennon trading is just juggling tricks I am also an investor ... but I do like to watch behavior over tim…
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RT @chadloder: Another video of the same man in the same blue shirt assaulting people in Yorba Linda last month. Please spread th…
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@samelpan2 Like bro just identify that shit 😂😂
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@RubinReport We need facial recognition software to identify every loser. And we can just cross them off the list o…
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@sav_says_ At least you can identify them. Oh... 😷
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@RichStapless @ArnettBlake2 @PrestonTVNews @thatsocrystal 🤦🏾🤦🏾 we went over this last time. You don’t have to pick…
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"until the universe adds more members" sm will now work along with nasa in order to identify a signal
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