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RT @gimmethefife: Okay, upon reflection, eating wasabi-flavoured Doritos then using the same finger to scratch inside my nose wasn't the best idea.
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RT @MikeDrucker: @realDonaldTrump Thank you, sir. Don't listen to the critics telling you to stop tweeting at witnesses during heari…
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RT @roadhog_KUN: 身長低いからオネショタ妄想しやすくてほんとよかったなと思う。
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RT @Dr_Zwig: Well, it's sundown on the union And what's made in the USA Sure was a good idea 'Til greed got in the way —Bob Dyl…
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@EveKeneinan Good idea, then explain that indeed, a "real" Christian can become an atheist.
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RT @yuanzheng0924: 写真家-アズラーイール 探偵の皆様、こんにちは! 写真家の設定図や衣装イラストを担当しているYZです。 写真家好きの探偵様にゲーム初期の衣装の設定図と制作ideaが満ちた画像を持ってきました。 これからも、皆様の心に残るような…
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RT @ponysmasher: I have no idea what happens in Black Adam or who is in it. Different writer, director, producer. So far I only know…
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"But sales isn’t about selling to whomever you can convince to buy. It’s not about selling to customers who think i…
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@myluna42 I HAD NO IDEA
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RT @MichaelWestBiz: @MichaelPascoe01 @myknittingwool @lynlinking @JEChalmers Tax breaks for foreign multinationals who don’t pay tax anyway. Top idea!
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RT @shadowfrost44: Working off @SwipeSwift ‘s amazing idea! Reply with #WeLoveYouTaylor and why, and I’ll write you a little note just…
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who’s idea was it to put a talking monkey in overwatch, jeff kaplan
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@johncmiller96 @ultrawide219 @dcominottim Noctua also seems to disagree with this idea. "Due to the small size of t…
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@JMCarzolio Y 2000 guardias, y 200 centros se le cae una idea propia.
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the stuff about how she knew some racist white hockey kids back in the day is esp dumb, & I have no idea why she wo…
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RT @lalifoxy27: Blackpink are idols, stop milking them as models, if you only release Full album, Rosé solo, Lisa solo and Jisoo So…
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I guess she likes the idea of Going Down with the President.
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@patakramer @TNUtvpublica Me olvide 🤦‍♂️... alguna idea donde verlo ?
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@DanPeralta79 Hasta donde sé, no... En todo caso es para ir haciéndonos a la idea, por si acaso se pudiera.
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