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RT @fuckalfonzo: Drake handled that shit like a professional because I would’ve started cryin tbh
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Ok that oil kickin in once I hear that I’ve hit the floor 🙄
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@bougiepsychic brother has been sleeping with obsidian for months and I’ve been using amethyst 😂
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@YouthfulOrphan I have to wait a whole dumb week 😒 But I would've done the same thing. And I binged them for endgame
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RT @ananavarro: So far, I’ve been an observer at @joebiden, @PeteButtigieg and @kamalaharris events. Anybody who thinks Democrats a…
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RT @hkwuliff: AMENDMENTS raincoat** ramen = cup noodles, bc no stoves warm pack = hand warmers 1) prioritize non-food items fi…
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@mr_throwback2 Ain't there something I can give you I'm exchange for everything you've given me
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This is the worst form of tanking I’ve ever seen, Tristan Thompson SMH.
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RT @BamaJaxx: I’ve never seen a voter machine change Democrat votes to Republican its always been the other way around. 🤔
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RT @monstahuevos: i've been thinking about this video a lot. mh and hw had been friends for the longest time and even lived together…
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@iggythefooI Jk I’ve seen it HA! Tricked you
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RT @HMAesq: I just got out of the Supreme Court after listening to #DACA arguments. I've said this many times: the only thing…
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I must let go of the life I’ve planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for me.
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@LatteWoojin Just saw this- but what money? They think we have money? This is the funniest shit I’ve heard all day!!😂😂
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RT @Kaepernick7: I’m just getting word from my representatives that the NFL league office reached out to them about a workout in Atl…
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RT @doolsetbangtan: karmys are writing letters to iarmys in a way that google translate can do its best job! i’ve tried with a couple o…
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RT @J0NGDAEPRINT: I’ve legit never seen mark use THAT tone before
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RT @ABetterJones: I've hemmed and hawed, but I've made the decision...@BernieSanders is what our country needs. He is the only candid…
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@ThePhillyPod Lol- Lots of people like to say stuff that they’re clueless about. Unreal. All home announcers are ho…
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