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RT @weedthotss: I don’t drink because every time I drink I realize why I’m a pothead instead
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@WickedWalnut Moon! I'm more of a Follower.
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RT @Abd_ul5: #نماز_قائم_کرو بھائی کو سب فالو کریں #10K مکمل ہونے میں ساتھ دیں فولو بیک فوری حاصل کریں @pak4army 👈 @drtu01
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RT @GiniGerbasi: I’m one of the people who went to Lafayette Square last June in support of #BLM, & was driven away by riot police w…
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@aGirlCalledChar Help I'm sweaty
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RT @GLACIALHASHIRA: whore* i’m VERY sure people know i’m not white.
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@GPat31415 @Xv10segroon @Renzowise @ChaosIsMel i never said america didn't do genocide i'm just pointing out that c…
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Y’all really made Namaari and Raya call each other beautiful like 5 times & not make them canon 😫😤 (I’m going off g…
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i’m just going to start writing short fics to hopefully get my creativity and motivation back. no matter how many t…
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RT @timjhogan: just found out stu and deedee pickles from rugrats were 33 and 32 and now I’m upset
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RT @jud8lovesSB19: @isforPablo @SB19Official I'm voting for #JustinDeDios in the finals of 100 Asian Heartthrobs 2021. #AHJustin…
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Watching the wedding part in Crazy Rich Asians, the song, the venue, but most importantly the emotions the groom, t…
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i'm so bitter. we plan so many things for a funeral and so many guests and familia members come. i'm so angry bc so…
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bc apparently, if the links gets too many interactions it’ll be up to the surface and i’m scared that it’ll get rep…
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I’m so grateful my dad had a Facebook so we have those digital memories, but it’s so weird seeing it and knowing he’s not here anymore
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RT @Deji: I’m sorry, I am a failure
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I’m kinda chubby and growing a beard with buzz cut hair (but growing it out again) and something wears glasses and…
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she’s straight and she would never do anything with a girl. then y’all say “she was 17 when she said that” as if yo…
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@bethmutchxo I didn't hear about that and I'm pretty grateful tbh. all the youtubers I watch go visit nuclear react…
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@defnotkai i'm too pretty to fight, bitch
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