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SER was custom made to trick actors into a homophobic harassment scam designed to insult thousands of people homoph…
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RT @LouAlwaysYouHaz: PROTECTIVE HUSBAND PART 28282828-
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RT @sarahjawaid4: #WeAre_TheNationsPride Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband's) absence wh…
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RT @_zulhhh: Best relationship : Talk like bestfriends, play like children, argue like husband and wife, protect each other like brother and sister
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RT @janine_j: Just judging by the daily tweets, dating in this country is the absolute pits. My husband better advertise for the…
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All the “what of the husband” people in the replies, you do know you can tweet your own?
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RT @serrasuhaimi: My cousin in kelantan got married today. She is 15yo and the husband is 17yo. Hmmm
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RT @Rangoli_A: I have a baby I want another one my husband and I decided to adopt, I want to encourage couples to adopt than to go…
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RT @TripsIsLove: Husband-Wife wali noj jhok! ♥️ Look at Sakht Launda being a biddable almost-pati by not complimenting another woma…
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RT @JoanofAmerica: @realDonaldTrump Q Proof > 526 1726 ✨Mark Mezvinsky (Husband Chelsea Clinton) Mezvinsky w…
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RT @Iris79__: Dont be a girlfriend if u dont intend to be a wife. Dont be a boyfriend if u dont intend to be a husband. Dont use ppl for ur selfish desire
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@ironbcrn because your husband is a rat 💀💀
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RT @syazwanijaffari: I pray that all ladies wont get married to this kind of husband. Including myself.
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RT @zikokomag: The subject of today’s #SexLife is a 40-year-old woman who didn’t have sex until she got married. She’s been with h…
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@real_mercyeke Its a feeling that makes me proud,even though I have a house my home is the people that live in the…
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#NewProfilPic Me And My Husband He's Rubbing His Fingers On My Head @Khardin2134
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worry about your own life and rel more....presh knows what she is getting into with David...and she is willing to f…
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RT @janerayson: So myself & @SWilliams_eng @rachel_boddy @emmylouking and my husband @CoachRayson have signed up to run this year’…
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RT @AnnSophon: "They want every tomorrow to be yesterday." จบสัมแบบเท่ๆ ไม่บุลลี่ลุงคนไหนเรื่อ​งสกิลภาษานะ​ วัดกันที่​ core messa…
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