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@oklady_di @DonaldJTrumpJr Was it indecent when he fucked a pornstar when he was married with an infant? No? #hes a disgusting human
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RT @RealRadReviews: Remember when people reduced The Shape of Water to “that one movie about a woman who fucks a fish” without mentioni…
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Trump is a lousy POTUS-- and a worse human being.
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RT @kashthefuturist: Hello Human Kindness!
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RT @GMFHx: Urbanization may have considerable health-associated consequences. Dominguez-Bello and colleagues show that urbaniz…
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@wthomas6315 All human beings matter, regardless of race, creed or social status! What is going on in HISD?
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@One_PiusJadwar @cathie_umuton Son you literally did this for a human being. Son come for therapy 😮😮
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RT @CMONPUDDlN: human trafficking is at the highest rate in the US this past month and y’all are putting up missing signs for SONGS
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RT @dreamlikephil: Who gave him the right to be the cutest human ever >:((
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RT @Delisaa101: so I found this video on Facebook, and thought I should repost it with all of these kidnapping and human traffickin…
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RT @kravietz_: Two world's top malware researchers arguing about... @VessOnSecurity @MalwareTechBlog so epic, so human! 😂
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@SpeakerPelosi @RepTedDeutch You approve of killing babies, that’s all anyone needs to know about your evil hate for human beings👹👹👹
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RT @ShireenQudosi: @PeteButtigieg @NRA @GOP Behind the gun, there's a kid. There's a crisis of human suffering and it's time we starte…
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if you have drake in your top played you are the most boring human to ever exist
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RT @IanProwse: I have now reached the point where I may need to do a PhD on why any human being would vote for this man.
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RT @dog_rates: This is Bailey. She’s already had two surgeries to remove cancerous tumors, but a third lump was discovered on her…
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🕴 You are not human beings, but empty shells and shadows.
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RT @JiaoMika: Human impacts have greatly reduced plant-fungus symbioses, which play a key role in sequestering carbon in soils. R…
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Abusing someone isn't right, free speech not and slander or intimidation is illegal and as President, be a human no…
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RT @madninnie2: Can you believe that dirty mother f*cker is attacking her on Twitter while she testifies??????????? He's human scum…
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