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RT @conorjrogers: I swear if one more person is like “but pretend we’re ten points down!!!” No. Deal in reality. Go on offense in pu…
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RT @OskSta: #Townscaper is out in Early Access! 🏠🏤⛪️🏘️🏡👷🌊🕊️🐦🌟 Go buy it! Go build some houses!
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Anyone who thinks that every college student will follow re-opening guidelines is dilusional. This is why re-open…
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RT @nickpotgieter: @alfred_cabonena So the Cat in the Hat goes to Cape Town for the Naked Man but what about the 60 people murdered ev…
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oomfs drop your zodiac signs and hogwarts houses im trying to see sumn
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@lydiazanetti You can’t see it but there’s a microscopic piece of America left called Dream and Sapnaps houses
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Imagine paying taxes on not 1 but 2 houses in nj 🥴
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Happy 4th of July. Do your duty to your country and launch your largest fireworks directly at racists and their hou…
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My Facebook feed: "OMG, war on Christianity in California! Gov. bans singing in church!!" The (misguided) order a…
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RT @georgebruce1967: @AnnBoni1 @ElneilSuzy There is to many people with any type of mesh Ann. Who have had there life's destroyed from l…
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@DevonESawa I have seen stucco houses with less stucco than his face
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RT @birmingham_live: Police teams raided houses, pubs and even a former Conservative Club as they smashed big-money drug dens
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RT @sleafordmods: I know it’s hard in a lot of areas cos Wetherspoons have bought up most public houses, but if ya can, avoid the shi…
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RT @OskSta: #Townscaper is out in Early Access! 🏠🏤⛪️🏘️🏡👷🌊🕊️🐦🌟 Go buy it! Go build some houses!
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the funniest OT moment so far was when a lot of those the same age or older than Acacia really had the audacity to…
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RT @WorkersRevolut2: Thousands of houses sit empty.... they sell off hundreds every year.... they sell off housing to build more housing…
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last year my best friends family and i got the cops called on us by our neighbors for setting off fireworks outside…
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@prissunwind I hope they won't shut down any more live houses in Japan 😖 I want to attend to a live at Studio Coast…
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RT @RiosCorona1: Ya me bloqueo Ackerman, mejor conocido como Dr Houses!!! Solo le pregunté por su título... chale 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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