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i don’t rlly know what’s going on bc i’m busy with uni and life so if i’m not speaking up about smth that’s why lma…
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@CaptainEmz You are totally justified asking for reduced hours to pursue something you love!!!
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RT @VijayFansTrends: 6 hours to go for #Bigil 1st year release anniversary celebration tag 😎 @actorvijay #Master
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RT @lewis_goodall: INCYMI in the wee hours after the show yesterday, wrote a full thread with all the relevant data on child poverty a…
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RT @AlexDevantier: Fuck it's dumb, procurement procedures usually take months, this is a pandemic and hotel quarantine was instigated…
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RT @GHollandPhoto: Thank you SO much to all those who ordered, especially in the last 24 hours. I'm blown away by people's generosity.…
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RT @GridGamingIO: I'll give $300 to a random user who retweets this tweet within the next 6 hours. Must be following @GridGamingIO &…
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RT @Elina_Vay: ❤ Tiada Hari Tanpa Berbagi ~ IDR 500,000 untuk 1 Pemenang 😊 End, 48 Hours YUKKK RT REPLY LIKE 🙏🙏
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RT @Harry_Styles: Eating as much as I can now. Gonna be a tough 25 hours. My problem is I am always hungry straight after kol nidre. Fast well everyone!
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Here we go again. 4 hours later and i cant pull myself out of bed. We really are deteriorating these days huh
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RT @lorlahdaytj: It's been 48 hours or there about. I think the comic relief is over now. Right??? What's the next move? Where's the fight? #EndSARS
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It's time for us to go #AllRequest for 3 hours. @popquizant is with you 1-4pm taking your requests, if he can find…
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RT @pentagonph10: [YANAN'S BIRTHDAY HASHTAG EVENT 🎉] UNIVERSE, few hours left before our Shanghai Prince turns a year older! 🌼 Toge…
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RT @zreaels: tw // abortion please acknowledge what's happening in poland right now. abortions just got completely banned here,…
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RT @HayhaBots: Giveaway in honor of our NB success! 🥳 US // EU! 📈 Prizes: • 1x Salehe Bembury Shoe To enter: • Follow…
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missing yoongi hours: open
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@facha_hours Soros apoya el tratado de los derechos del niño, como Hugo Chavez, Otegui, Pablo Casado o Pedro Sanche…
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RT @HayhaBots: Giveaway in honor of our NB success! 🥳 US // EU! 📈 Prizes: • 1x Salehe Bembury Shoe To enter: • Follow…
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@GreenH11 @joshnesfield @tiedtheknot @KirstieMAllsopp Hours before is a disgrace 🤬
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