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I never put in contacts before and honestly I’m scared
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Honestly why I’m getting comfortable with you if you ain’t boutta benefit me lol I could comfort me
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@Leigh_ATL_SAV @OregonState I think there is honestly a lot to unpack about this situation. I think the fact that t…
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RT @reIdahoan: @MikeSimpson4ID Mike, honestly, do you not understand the need for closed-door hearings in this case? Do you not tr…
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RT @BrownExellence: You can honestly tell when a person isn’t used to someone like you.
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@DesTheePeach Honestly I really should 😭
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RT @atdanwhite: I spent $6K and over 40 hours building my 100% movie-accurate 'Groot' costume and yet all the idiots in my office c…
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Honestly, this is the easiest logo an influencer or brand can get. However, it has to make sense. One thing I’ve le…
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@leandrsky Honestly same bro.
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"It's honestly so huge & the magnitude of @BTS_twt impact & influence is insane, online & just everywhere in the mu…
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RT @RiriMyKush: I know this women honestly that’s my cousin my sister! My BESTFRIEND right here. Right hand man right here 😊
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honestly it’s time for the USA to step up if you are living in the most developed country you should not be poor or…
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RT @yeonchanz: Y'all gonna choke when txt literally blows up in your faces I honestly can't wait for that to happen you'll eat your words I trust in that!
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RT @shininghaechan: Haechan vs Renjun HC: Let’s not hold any grudge RJ: Ok, since we’re cool like that - HC: Just tell us honestly, we’…
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RT @EsteriTheAyaba: Honestly the devil tried to bring me down soooo many times this year. Few times he did. This year has been extremel…
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I honestly miss working at a daycare. Struggling to keep money working two part time jobs sucks. 😔
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Honestly love Altuve even as a die hard Red Sox fan. #WSHvsHOU
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@greeneyedlucy84 Honestly wouldn't be a bad idea... around the whole damned thing.
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honestly... i don’t even know how i did it
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@Sela_Say I honestly don’t blame. That’s the bar they set up for us and we’re blindly following
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