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RT @JonnyBones: I wouldnt wish the way George Floyd was murdered on my worst enemy. That officer applied just enough pressure to k…
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RT @Abdulmir19: Me: I honestly hate my siblings Someone else: I hate your siblings Me:
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RT @PVTrump: Honestly what does burning buildings,destroying property&rioting do for your cause??Maybe these angry people need t…
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RT @Abdulmir19: Me: I honestly hate my siblings Someone else: I hate your siblings Me:
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Honestly, this is I saw my next phase of Lockdown going.
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RT @producedbyasahi: I honestly feel like former and current YG Artists will promote Yedam’s single. Not because they are obliged to, bu…
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Honestly the best part on 911 is the beginning #chromatica
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RT @pilsbun: i'm really glad #BlackLivesMatter has been at the forefront of everyone's mind, but honestly the most terrifying pa…
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@Phulminator Thank you! While I’m normally quite modest, a few weeks ago, I started using this new shampoo, and hon…
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@coeurdesroses Honestly really bad,,, but I hope yours is better :]
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RT @evemeetswest: i’m honestly tired. if the world consumed black liberation the way they do black culture we would be in such a different place
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@ImAlexSpencer Without an independent, competent media this is what happens man. I honestly think we have flew of t…
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@nbedgeworth_ Some weeks after that incident I ended up cutting ties with him and honestly it was a great choice. T…
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Bitch at the crib bad as she wanna be gone eat it up ima go to sleep honestly
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RT @shantallewilli1: @caribbeangxld this is an amazing question honestly 🌚🤔
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RT @AdriannyJoselin: Someone just sent me this & I’m not even surprised by South Jersey honestly
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RT @THICJ00N: don’t talk about the vlive on twitter and if you do censor his name as much as possible so we don’t interrupt the t…
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RT @rosegoldtears_: never thought gemini season would be revolution season but im here for it honestly
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RT @Snipemare_: Personally 2020 has been the best year for self growth. But honestly the only thing it’s starting to show is that p…
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honestly about to say fck this job
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