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@hollow_HL (물 것이다.) (표정변화없이 코오 잘 자고 있다.)
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RT @Ryu_Ito1976: 『Hollow Knight(ホロウナイト)のパッケージ版』と、設定資料集『放浪者の日誌』が12月12日に発売とのことです。ゲーム本編に続き、こちらも翻訳担当させてもらいました。コレクターズ版はクィレルが活躍するコミックが付いてき…
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RT @letsgoptg: In an interview with Osen, singer-songwriter Houdini revealed that his song 'Hollow' was made together with PENTAGO…
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RT @howardkremer: I'm gonna take my horse to Sleepy Hollow, I'm gonna ride tiI I find my head
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@realistleft immigration restriction for ethnic-cultural reasons. And now, part of the liberal middle class is also…
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RT @atul45modi_self: “Do you know what I see? I see Him as all. Men and other creatures appear to me only as hollow forms, moving thei…
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Poetry possessed, yet digressed, hollow yet, shell, time's dwell, unconnected, misdirected, by fueled hate, that fu…
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they all meet back again at his funeral. their dark eye circles, paled faces, hollow eyes. they hold hands in silen…
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RT @Merem110: こちら「Fate/hollow ataraxia」のイアソン様でございます。
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I haven't watched beyond S1 of the TV show, but .. I definitely felt like the novel was meant to partner after-the-…
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RT @Merem110: こちら「Fate/hollow ataraxia」のイアソン様でございます。
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RT @mon_kuja14: カエルスーツの方いたwwwwwwすごいwwwwwww再現率高すぎるwwwwwww しあさん(@cian_1202)お写真ありがとうございました‼😍 #FF14
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RT @alanrXIII: @BASEDSAVAGE_ that hollow squad sticker mad hard
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RT @BrigadistaAbu: My ancestors were starved, imprisoned, shot, tortured, deported & denied right to self-determination by force of ar…
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RT @Rainmaker1973: In case of abundant precipitation which floods underground springs, it can happen this: the pressure causes the wat…
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I am here laughing like crazy, entertained a f because of a fanfic I'm reading! Its a hollow knight fic that has L…
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Ogun Tribunal Panel labels Akinlade’s petition ‘lazy, hollow’, reaffirms Abiodun as governor
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RT @manlikeDee1: For General supplies of Clay wares: -Clay Pots -Sun Breakers -Flooring Bricks -Partition Bricks -Load Bearers -Holl…
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RT @leahnanako: My award winning play Two Mile Hollow where POC actors portray rich white people hasn’t been produced in NYC becaus…
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