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@realDonaldTrump When Trump is out of office, all those who lost loved ones due to the Coronavirus, should take him…
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RT @Solideryx: #Personatober2020 - Day 25 “Hold nothing back. Failing this test means eternal death”
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@oldweirdbritain “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my…
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RT @ProtectNevada: Thank you @SenJackyRosen for co-sponsoring the Public Lands Leadership Act. Acting Directors of the BLM should not…
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the people that don't knock all give me anxiety and hold they pencil full grip with all 5 fingers like it's a hammer
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hold on, am I actually getting cold tonight?
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Hold me close to your heart However distant, don't keep us apart After all it is written in the stars... 🎶🎶🎶 #Woman, John Lennon
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RT @Jalexandria22: If 10 years worth of dirt and grime are required to hold your dreads together, perhaps you should not have dreads ✨
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RT @JackPosobiec: SCOOP: DOJ source tells @OANN that FBI dropped investigation of Hunter Biden laptop because they did not believe th…
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RT @937theFan: PHEW! Steelers survive 3 INTs and scoring only 3 points in the second half, hold on to remain 6-0 for the first tim…
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RT @taylornation13: If there wasn’t a better time to Speak Now or forever hold your peace... ✌️🌸 #10YearsOfSpeakNow
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RT @KJisms: Well, @SpeakerPelosi @senatemajldr ? What's the hold up? The people are in need of another #stimulus
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@BBTeamNorth BB isn’t the same quality of show as Survivor, so I agree, that adage doesn’t hold here. No BB is far better than shitty BB.
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RT @taylornation13: If there wasn’t a better time to Speak Now or forever hold your peace... ✌️🌸 #10YearsOfSpeakNow
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RT @DrRalphNap: @markallanbovair Most peolle live in two states of mind. The past and the future. Both give you feelings of anger…
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It's always a lot easier to let something fall apart than it is to try to hold it together. Yumichika Ayasegawa
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RT @SaniaaAshiq: Someone has to come forward to console these mothers, sisters and wives of the missing persons. @MaryamNSharif cou…
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McConnell’s dirty political obstruction and fascist hold on the senate has created unprecedented stagnation of ever…
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