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@Tomtomsen19 @TuckerCarlson I guess that's what Hitler said to his military staff when they were talking about invading the USSR ;)
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RT @Matarratas5: Buscamos al socialismo alemán y otra vez tropezamos con Adolfo Hitler; él nos hizo ver claramente que no es sociali…
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RT @iMemonUsama: The Modi administration is following the Hitler's steps. #Fascist_India @WeTeamlSP_
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RT @laurenpeikoff: Woman tells Jewish children ‘Hitler should have killed you all,’ then spits on one of them outside Brooklyn synagog…
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RT @GlinkLive: the next hitler will come from twitch and he's probably already on it
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RT @ActualidadRT: "Hitler debería haberos matado a todos" Una mujer escupe a un niño judío mientras jugaba con sus hermanos
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@pmakela1 @Gardarike1 @eskelinen_antti @Red_2_1 May be. But look at this problem from USSR point. Finland was Hitle…
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RT @UldaricoChilito: Las propuestas del Centro: Íngrid Betancourt propone construir varias ciudades que alberguen a desplazados del conf…
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@YssaTheCorn @BurgahBoy1 Funny thing about him is, when someone disagrees and he gets ratioed in an argument he mut…
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Listen to Trump then watch Hitler. Be honest w yourself. Look for the similarities.
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@Rummcajs @KrzysztofSosno1 @CzZamku @MarcinPalade O czym ty bredzisz, Polska była celem nr 1. Hitler chciał mieć pe…
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RT @ActualidadRT: "Hitler debería haberos matado a todos" Una mujer escupe a un niño judío mientras jugaba con sus hermanos
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RT @gayleCh97082142: If They Only Knew How Hitler Used Misinformation, Propaganda, & Massive Lies To Brainwash The German People To Carr…
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モンティ・パイソン Hitler in England なつい #sm396259 #ニコニコ動画
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der hitler hat sich auch selbst töten dürfen mit Zyankali
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RT @jennycohn1: “Fasci Italiani di Combattimento” means “‘Italian Combat Groups’; I loosely translate it as ‘gangs of thugs…’” This…
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RT @SatvirBalala: @VootSelect Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself. Adolf Hitler... KARAN NEE…
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RT @nordpassage1O4: Ja Herr Montanablack88 sie haben Recht im Endeffekt ist der NFT Adolf Hitler Cybergorilla mit Laseraugen und Hakenk…
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"Hugo Boss, el ferviente nazi que vistió a las tropas de Hitler"
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@PuggiePuggy @DefenseBaron What's the alternative? Let Russia do whatever the fuck it wants? Doing exactly that wit…
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