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RT @AustinJohnPlays: The Entire Year we're giving away a Nintendo Switch's!!! EVERY 50K YT Subs 'till 2020 or 1M is hit! Like + RT + En…
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RT @MenshevikM: So the President of Brazil might have ordered a hit on a Rio de Janeiro city counsel woman for being a black lesbia…
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RT @celesteelizz: jhene went from, “aint let no body hit it since you hit it” to “dont worry about who it is im fuckin or who i am lo…
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@PierreVLeBrun Lol clean hit? Hahahahahaha
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@mudcaulks He is number one on my hit list . I cannot even see straight
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RT @ChuckCallesto: @realDonaldTrump This BEHAVIOR will cost DEMS the 2020 ELECTION...🤣🤣 Thank Nancy for helping re-elect Trump.. We…
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RT @Ballislife: “I don’t give a f**k!” Down by 55 in the final seconds, the defender stole the ball, dunked and was hit with a tau…
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I hit 315 but the good kid touched the bar. Not his fault
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RT @ashleyyMramirez: please please keep my baby in prayer ! This morning him and my grampa went for a walk when a car hit my Titus didn’…
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RT @itstarekali: Homemade breakfasts literally hit so much better than any restaurant
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RT @StPetePD: Help #stpetepd ID a driver who hit a bicyclist on the Pinellas Trail crossing 49th St. S. and left the scene. call…
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RT @benthefisherman: Hit my dm if you need a SoundCloud repost
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@BettyJunod Bay Area will go down. Hit it up in Jan/Feb.
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RT @prettyindie: He hit it once nigga thought I sold crack. When he hit it doggystyle grabbed his balls from the back. 😭🔥 Dont play with Dreezy!
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RT @ThundersLit: hey we live come hang grind mw tryna hit a swap clip @pdbriann @justnuttn #NorthThunder
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that wood hit da CHEST
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@skio147 We live in a world also where people sign up for free trials and forget. You’ll get hit with unexpected ch…
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RT @Raquel_Savage: “If I you see me doing OF I’ve hit rock bottom”; great ex. of someone who cannot differentiate themself. How she i…
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RT @BullsGotNext: If Myles Garrett would’ve hit Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes instead, they would’ve took the Cavs 2016 title away
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