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Maannn! It hit last night!
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RT @richbrian: TOKYO DRIFT FREESTYLE hit 2,000,000 views 😎
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RT @JeffSharlet: More from The Federalist. Indiana, which received far more supplies from the national stockpile than many much hard…
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When disaster strikes the gen pop. it strips society of all pretense and lays bare shameful inequities From the Gr…
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#PixarOnward was a very good movie, tears flowed on my end. Having lost my father and having sons, i got hit from m…
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i realize that but music that makes u want to die means it’ll hit ur feelings not LITERALLY want to kys
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RT @aravosis: It just hit me. Trump is saving the strategic stockpile of medical resources for the red states when they finally s…
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RT @MeekMill: Already knew you was mines before we actually met ...a thousand time I hit it in my mind “with all due respect
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DL shit hit different🤔
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RT @alfonslopeztena: What cost the lockdowns? They may have helped in 1918 •When Spanish flu hit the Pacific coast, Seattle did it for 5…
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RT @BPinAmerica: Remember BLINKs to unfollow YGE!! Let’s work hard to fight against our girls mistreatment. Let’s make our tag hit n…
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@lukevenediger Don't even need to hit F5 with Flutter, or regular JavaScript and a dev server with auto reload.
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RT @Lakshya19417997: Are you serious. We are going to hit 500K for an unplanned activity. Wow hats off to all true SidHearts. Go to the…
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Some poke sounds like it would hit today oof
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RT @BarryRozner: Crash: “I was in the show for 21 days once. You know you never handle your luggage in the show? You hit white balls…
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RT @bchartsnet: Há 1 ano, BLACKPINK chegava pra quebrar records por todas plataformas e charts com "Kill This Love". Atingindo 56M…
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If someone’s daughter hit me with the naked challenge.. I’d probably disappoint her.
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RT @MLBPAA: This hit home. Special message from @RealCJ10 ❤️ #MLBPAAHomeBase
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@KawaiiOathmeal I’d rather have nightmares than no dreams at all, idk what happened to me, might have been from get…
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