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@mruhaak Don’t worry - we have a mask mandate over on the other side of the river and more than half the people in…
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@UnholyRom3 I once told some karen ass hr lady that my dream job was being al capone, and they still hired me becau…
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Sounds like the #USCCB hired Mckinsey
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@caiticat_ I will happily be your networking buddy, let me be your wingman but like in a getting-hired kind of way
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RT @vee_whyme: On this day in Chicago Bears history January 20th. The year was 1982 and they hired a new coach whose image became…
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@Grind3h Can you just get hired to design Pokémon
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Eagles writer: JJ Should have hired Pederson and fired MM | Big Blue Interactive
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RT @Papita__Feliz: "Just hired" I couldn't help it, sorry xD #HelluvaBossFanart #HelluvaBossblitzo #moxxie #Blitz #TheOffice
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RT @FuadMustefaAli: One of TPLF's hired hands in Africa is @daddyhope! This hopeless fool produces a lot of nonsense about Tigray. He h…
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RT @JasonPuckett20: Hugh Millen on the possibility we floated about Jimmy Lake being hired as the Seahawks passing game coordinator: "J…
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@ChicagoBears Should have hired Mckenzie over pace in the first place
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@RobertIrvine I loved it! Great turn around for them. Looked so nice & the food looked good as well. Very happy the…
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RT @FOP3: Spiraling out of control! 5 homicides and 6 shootings in the last 24 hrs. 21 homicides for 2022 & 40 shootings. So…
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@punkademic Would also love to see more term limits, one term for a longer period but no reelection. President 5 ye…
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$AITX 🤣😂😭 Steve done hired Eric to be the discord cult preacher. Yes going to pay him in shares.
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Adolf, this is exactly why you never won a Heisman Trophy and will never get hired by Hertz Rent-A-Car. I’m just sa…
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@WedgeBuster88 Totally got out coached. Not sure if we hope he gets hired as HC somewhere else or keep him and hope he learns, fast.
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@AaronLevine_ Be cool if you hired him and Hurst as a duo. I like Clint upside but feel we need someone out side th…
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RT @TheRealHoarse: The New York Times paid Kevin McCarthy’s roommate to do a “focus group” of opinions about Biden which it then passe…
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@largent80 100% my friend, we agree! He is sooo out of his league being a HC in the NHL! Yet PD gave him a 2 year…
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