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RT @rexrao52: Yogendra Yadav .... A failure at CSDS A failure at AAP A failed psephologist Head of a failed party So wh…
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pete wentz is asexual and his children were delivered to him via stork
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@SJPFISH @PrynneHyster Haha serves him right KARMA'S A BITCH !!
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“Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on…
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RT @mmpadellan: I'd like to live in an America where, if a trump lawyer like Joe diGenova suggests a Patriot like Chris Krebs shoul…
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RT @shaaaniaaa__: I let a nigga do him because if he real he gone do right. You shouldn’t have to ask or beg a nigga to do right by you!
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I’m going to marry a man who knows he is enough as an individual and has values, positive energy and immeasurable l…
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RT @ConnieSchultz: A friend’s husband, quarantined at home with Covid, has died of a heart attack. He was an essential worker. His wif…
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RT @daveweigel: Rs keep letting Trump play out the string here, but he keeps finding more string. Which you'd think they'd have fig…
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@Bills71107969 It's too bad, for all the NDA's businesses that deal with him had to sign, he has destroyed. So many…
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RT @DearSoodi: The regime of assassination,hostage-taking & execution wants to execute #AhmadRezaJalali in support of its diplomat…
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@percy_weasley20 it was about time for me to expose him
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RT @cabbagegirll: if i see any of you deadnaming elliot page or misgendering him im blocking you /srs
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he be officially under sfs since,, yesterday or sum and already out there roasting his teammates lmfao i love him
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RT @dabeard: He was a baker. When his neighbors were suffering, he prepared baskets of bread, pizza, and sweets. He left them o…
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nobody is comin for him btw 🙄 but y’all voted HIM over jimin, jin, and joon.. cause imma be honest, this allen guy has average lips ngl 😭
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@Vamp_Arts I can't wait to draw him being so cute and childish ☺💕
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WHY? IT WILL BE NICER WITHOUT HIM! Graham:Trump should attend Biden's inauguration @potus @LindseyGrahamSC @GOP
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