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@E2SmoothR6 @Magical_R6 @carlthien @QuopDop Flex with a .6 I know people that are flex with at least a 1.2 in diam…
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@CPresser_2 @HouseGOP Your wrong if American businesses pay to much $$$ then they outsource to China ! That means l…
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RT @Vanessa_ABee: there’s no “higher purpose” to violent, avoidable deaths. wild to see adults try to make lemonade out of senselessn…
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I really would like to do something higher on the risk scale this weekend, but it would also be so irresponsible.
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@SMHatLibs Inflation, recession, higher interest rates. Going back to the Jimmy Carter misery index soon.
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RT @missrosyk: Wooow so proud of them! They are really going higher and higher every day 🥳👆🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @SB19Official #SB19
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@pattysmelting @sodiumfire83 @BFriedmanDC A dollar in the 60s could buy more than it could now. That number has be…
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@StacyLOliver @marcikwalton The conspiracy theories that could spawn from this.... She leaves higher ed. Advocates…
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@Meezerholic1 @seramarie Shooting in the leg has a higher chance of hitting someone else and of killing them by sev…
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RT @DAY6VSTeam: Based on the currents stats DAY6 is Digital: #1 (or possibly #2 for Gaon if the other competitor has higher downlo…
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RT @MLBRandomStats: Shohei Ohtani’s OPS (1.052) is currently higher than his ERA (1.038)
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@itsNarcoo You have it higher than me but I can guarantee I have better takes than you on it
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@PatMoranTweets Into the groove has to be higher
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RT @TheCryptoCactus: $BTC / USD Structure on the LTF is learning towards bearish. Not a bad thing, still think dominance can drop, E…
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@DohaDebates @AbiaAkram I have traded all different types of platform and it feels like I'm flying blind. It's grea…
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@nilikm @theJagmeetSingh That's amazing @nilikm! Keep up the great work - so happy to hear about higher vaccinatio…
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RT @MLBRandomStats: Shohei Ohtani’s OPS (1.052) is currently higher than his ERA (1.038)
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@mmasnick @GreylockVC @a16z Slippery slope we are going down. We need to set the bar higher.
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We can use physicians as nursing extenders in the ICU and higher acuity areas in the hospital. If you're a GTA MD l…
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RT @ignis_fatum: A video from Dimona , it looks like an interception of some sort of firing far higher where ID interceptions are oc…
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