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@DreamsPatagonia I don't think I'm shadowbanned. The tester doesn't work at the moment, but I interacted with peopl…
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RT @itsBayleyWWE: .@PeytonRoyceWWE you’re a star on the rise...a hidden gem...But you ain’t making a name off me, sister! I want more…
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RT @caitoz: Nice guy fascism: A murderous and tyrannical political ideology whose iron-fisted agendas of oppression, exploitati…
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This is a fascinating look at social isolation as a explanation as to why polls miss out on "Hidden Deplorables" wh…
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99% Invisible Cities: Roman Mars explores the hidden stories in your city
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RT @mgacramer: It's started. Sunak is now putting full blame for reduction in UK economic performance on #COVID . No mention of…
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About the same odds as the democratic media telling the truth. Who’s fact checking the fact checkers? We all know i…
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@svnxrin For the little bow tie pastas he’d hidden in the very top cabinet, bringing them down to be used in his ma…
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RT @MoghaluKingsley: laugh at my surprise. "So you see, my good Dr. Moghalu, there is nothing hidden under the sun, and the good or the…
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RT @myLondis: Unscramble these anagrams to reveal the hidden festive song! To be in with a chance to WIN a pair of Samsung Galax…
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@catovitch The real outdoors is cleverly hidden behind the "outdoors" sound set.
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RT @LeslieStreeter: We need to know this stuff. This is not revision. Just truth that was hidden.
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RT @ughyoobi: ✨ Hidden Twin minimonimooni is my hidden twin 😱 Find out who is yours! ➡️
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RT @LittleBoats2020: We will never stop this abuse of our system until we deny illegals any right to legal aid. Lawyers who line their…
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✨ Hidden Twin Y00NVNTE es mi gemelo secreto 😱 ¡Descubre quién es el tuyo! ➡️
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RT @MarvelUnlimited: #XofSwords is on its way to #MarvelUnlimited... ...and the prophetic breadcrumbs have been hidden in the Dawn of X…
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RT @LeslieStreeter: We need to know this stuff. This is not revision. Just truth that was hidden.
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@elliotrades Aubit (FWT) Hidden gem, don't say that weren't warned
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