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RT @SocioPoliticalW: An intelli handle used to share opinion neutrally on political matter till end2020, seems sold his soul later & go…
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i love the summer.... boys come out of hibernation and finally post their girlfriends
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@jouhyeonie NOOO! This is my stock for hibernation!
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RT @sheetaly: Penguin Key To SSR Murder CBI..ab bas... Waise aap ne shuru hi kahan kiya jo mai bas keh rahi hun...wake up now. ..…
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RT @dudkaart: Nobody can convince me that Mr Blade is not like this We all know his hibernation arc #RIVALSTWTAcademy…
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RT @AmeliaHouchins: My hibernation schedule is the exact opposite of bears. I go into my air conditioned cave in mid June every year an…
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RT @JipHip: @disclosetv Well they're saying 25 is looking like 24 & that it could be another 3 years, which I suppose is "soon"…
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RT @nhk_switch: 6月19日(土)夜10時 #Eテレ #SWITCHインタビュー達人達 #吉田都 ×#宇佐見りん 英国ロイヤル・バレエ団でプリンシパルを務めた #バレリーナ 吉田都に、新進気鋭の #芥川賞作家 宇佐見りんが熱烈ラブコール!「推し、…
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back from hibernation 😁😁👍🏼🤺
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Out of hibernation to relive SoWooZoo. 🤧 What a Muster.
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@Rynna04 well miss me no longer!! I have returned from my hibernation dhfhdhfhfhghf
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RT @ukiyoeota: 太田記念美術館では6/26(土)より「江戸の天気」展を開催いたします。雨、雪、虹――。浮世絵に描かれた様々な気象現象をご覧ください。前後期で全点展示替えいたします。詳しくは→
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今日は仕事ノーストレスだったー 明日は月曜💦ノーストレスとは行かないねたぶん💦
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RT @MonaLal28: @nilotpalm3 Be ready SSRians The celebrities (dramatics) are going to show their grief tomorrow jst for PR Activiti…
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I’m about to go into a short hibernation for about 5-6 hours while I watch Love, Victor Season 2. I will have a din…
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RT @BhavikaKapoor5: @smritiirani @narendramodi Yes yes yes...why not..every indian saw how he was hiding in hibernation when covid case…
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.@Klarna taps A$AP Rocky to guide people out of their pandemic-spurred "fashion hibernation."
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RT @mikodondon: ネットで数年前の「フランス人が教えてくれた美味しいアイスティーの淹れ方」って流れてくるけど、日本紅茶協会も店を開けれるくらいアイスティーレシピ公開してるから見てくれ。 夏の紅茶レシピ/日本紅茶協会…
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RT @EmmanuelAkind17: @atiku Saraki tweeted on June 12, so you quickly ran out of your hibernation to send a democracy day message. You…
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