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RT @JandGLtd: @TheBrooke is a fantastic operation that helps working donkeys and horses around the world, who we are privileged t…
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@NathanlHoLLiday Haha yeah okay.. if it helps you feel better about being a "die hard" of two teams that have had recent success. Loo
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RT @RepAndyBarr: This deal is good for American workers, farmers, consumers and employers – including Kentucky’s automotive, bourbon…
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@NatSecLisa This was just Wrong and is on a long list of the Trump Administration’s corruption that is so common no…
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@xtraxiat If it helps any, I’m at work and so have to y’all to people constantly and I have social anxiety 🤗
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@LetstalkShield I understand your logic and the reluctance to apply full real world legal ramifications. But, what…
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@jfield1869 Yeah, it helps that Lille are basically fielding their B team since they have nothing to fight for. Now…
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RT @Iron_Spike: It's almost like... confrontational, racist, "proactive" policing helps literally nobody at all.
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RT @BobbyBliatout: I'm running for congress because I'm fed up of @DevinNunes's lies. He's a Trump enabler who needs to be held accoun…
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A Caged Songbird Helps an Abandoned Young Whale Find His Own Voice in a Touching Animated Short…
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RT @tpemurphy: Oh my. A new idea for Internal Communicators everywhere (not)… Facebook bot helps employees awkwardly talk to thei…
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Late night drives with Levanter playing is honestly the only thing that helps me feel sleepy so when I get home I j…
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RT @TheRickWilson: It helps that you're a witch.
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Learn how SnapLogic API Management helps businesses access data from a variety of endpoints and makes digital trans…
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@FarquharFTW You are kind my friend. I’ve had a ton of support and am grateful to be able to experience change fir…
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RT @TheRickWilson: It helps that you're a witch.
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RT @MENnewsdesk: Police dog Ted was hero of the day after catching a suspected burglar trying to flee from police in a stolen car
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RT @TheRickWilson: It helps that you're a witch.
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@CuriousCoobah For me, I try to find something to distract me. Watching YouTube, playing games, cooking. Sometimes…
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RT @TheRickWilson: It helps that you're a witch.
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