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RT @JimLaPorta: When I heard about the passing of #ColinPowell today. I thought about this 2012 interview he did with @jonstewart -…
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RT @narendramodi: We always heard - Work in Progress. This became synonymous with red-tapism, delays and ineffective governance. No…
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@FLOrangeQueen @MeetThePress If he had the proof you are referring to then at least One of the MANY judges would a…
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RT @marqaanculus: Are you even Somali if you've never heard this old banger?
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RT @pasxalle: i just heard my neighbor crying which means unfortunately she could probably hear me singing monster mash in different voices
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@mdw1988 i've heard this from multiple people. interesting
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RT @Ranboosaysstuff: @Technothepig I heard he is very punchable you could test that
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Gutted nothing seen/heard on the party personally
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@azizalake Never once! And that is not an exaggeration. I have truly never heard anyone suggest a male celebrity be…
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RT @caramalkween: so erdem has no lines this episode because havent heard his clever comebacks all night #gidenemizor
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"Hey! I'm changing, don't tell anyone heard? This is a secret only mine and yours"💙💙
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RT @TanjaBueltmann: I’ve read this several times now. It’s something I had never heard before. To say I’m horrified doesn’t even begin…
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RT @RyanSitton: Just heard: At a meeting last week with Biden officials and oil executives: Administration is “terrified” of $5 gas…
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RT @dan_lubman: Critical that the stigma experiences of people with alcohol, drug & gambling issues are heard & included as part of…
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RT @joinsideplus: Heard it's a birthday today - should probably celebrate it with something special 👀 APP IS LIVE RIGHT NOW ON iOS…
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Since I heard dearest family was spoiled I'm gonna stay off twitter till it comes out u.u
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@reggie_barnes3 So I’ve heard
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“For thus says the Lord, ‘I have heard a sound of terror, Of dread, and there is no peace. ‘Ask now, and see If…
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RT @UniteSharon: .@unitetheunion are now going to be the vanguard and the vehicle that can change what is happening to working peopl…
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RT @johnsy123aus: I just heard Laura Tingle stick a rocket up Morrison on Late night live , if I wasn’t married I’d marry that great lady 😀
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