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RT @everyy_Day6: are we gonna hear day6 sing zombie finally?
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@army_70 🥰✨😊🌈i am so happy to hear that!
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RT @RepMattGaetz: I may be a canceled man in some corners. I may even be a wanted man by the Deep State. But I hear the millions of…
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RT @KundaiMiedzo_wa: FAM,I need all the help I can get today.please help me and my belongings relocate to harare from kwekwe.we got a jo…
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RT @AdelineTarot: 💫Aries, Leo, Sagittarius themes: Somebody who has been on your mind has been thinking of you as well. The ball is i…
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i hate hear noising at night
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RT @junghyunbears: i don’t know who needs to hear this but celebrities ARE human beings too, and they don’t owe you to be “perfect and…
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RT @ammy_ravy: I can still hear her giggles and feel that big warm hug she gave it to me when we met her. My baby was all giggling…
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RT @junghyunbears: i don’t know who needs to hear this but celebrities ARE human beings too, and they don’t owe you to be “perfect and…
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//When you hear motorcycles and cops all over and can't sleep. 🙄
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RT @RationalBlonde: hear me out—instead of Meghan, we interview prince Andrew. and instead of Oprah, it’s the police
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RT @aql48: Coach Mia's IG Upload. "“When we listen, we hear someone into existence." "Bebe Time with Coco 3rd Episode Tonigh…
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@JadeMagikoi NOT A FULL MIRROR. Damn tho. When I hear him speak viet, I just see my dad LOL
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Maybe if news media would air uncensored video of mass murder crime scenes, America would finally wake up and do so…
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RT @CelticFC: 🍀 It's matchday for the Ghirls 🍀 🆚 Hearts 🏟️ K-Park 🏆 SWPL1 🕐 2pm 📲 @CelticFCWomen Hear from @Bartle_5 as the Ho…
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RT @indeimaus: it's really fucked up that game characters can't hear the OST doom slayer literally running around in dead silence killing demons
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RT @Symply_Tacha: ABJ Titans are continuing the groove today!! I hear there’s a hangout this evening 😎😎 #TachaWonAll SYMPLY TACHA
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RT @AwengChuol: Would’ve taken this into three lifetime graves. My therapist wouldn’t hear about it.
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Dunno about you, but I hear radio stations supposed to champion 'alternative' music and they are bland, bland, blan…
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Under @MBuhari ‘s administration, it’s really unsafe traveling by road especially far distances. Next thing we go h…
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