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RT @tanish171: 3.3 Mn people are affected in 28Districts. Assam has seen a lot of floods but now the severity and occurrence of fl…
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RT @anilaiam: #WeWantLeftRightLeftZoomReunion would be awesome to hear them talk about, some behind the scenes #KunalKaranKapoor…
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Idk who needs to hear this, but
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RT @sam_vinograd: @bbclaurak Not a “hoax” - Russia is attacking elections thru cyberattacks, influence ops, and more. Waiting to…
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RT @wpjenna: Mary Trump told ⁦@AshleyRParker⁩ that growing up in her family, her experience was one of “a knee-jerk anti-Semitis…
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@POlSONBYUN i hear everything 👁 👄 👁 👂🏼
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When you hear Kris Commons criticize a player for coming back to training with a bit of covid festive splodge
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RT @mushroombhedz: If you can hear this image you deserve a veteran card.
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Pretty clear that Russia influenced the #Brexit referendum and have also helped the Tories in the past. Not surpris…
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@LeeHolly81 @realDonaldTrump This is why I started watching his pressers and rallies. So I could hear for myself. T…
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RT @SETsquaredExe: We're preparing for the final day of our @setsquared Entrepreneurs' Programme tomorrow and can't wait to hear your…
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RT @CAHF_Africa: Fascinating insights from Kenya - but with personal savings being the most common source of funding for housing, th…
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@Follow_YaHart Oh yeah most definitely and low key you never hear any of they business
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RT @IpsitaPattanay2: Just hear wat the hell they are saying... Unbelievable 😡😡😡 #CBIEnquiryForSSR #WhyDelayInCBIForSSR @AmitShah
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RT @linoledge: skz is now getting the recognition they deserve at korea you hear me crying 😭😭😭
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RT @itskeyon: Minimum wage should be $24 an hour............. hear me out
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RT @TerryReintke: 96% of LGBTI*s in Poland have no confidence in the government to protect their rights - a @EURightsAgency study fou…
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@Buddy_Foster Good morning! Being able to send and receive text messages is essential. We're sorry to hear that you…
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RT @SethMacFarlane: Ever hear the expression “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins?” It means your right to do whate…
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Join us to hear international child and adolescent psychiatrists share experiences dealing with #COVID19 pandemic,…
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