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RT @ACPocketNews: Get a head start on completing your Critterpedia for the month of April with these infographics for Bugs and Fish i…
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Bughead in my head now..fuck
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RT @suntails: i just watched the second ova. i can't believe this. it fucking happens twice. his wig falls twice. it lands on dai…
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RT @icetraywill: If she fuck with a bonnet or scarf on ha head the pussy fye
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RT @jimfitzpatrick: Denis OBriens Irish Water meter enforcer for #SiteServ is now head of the Irish Labour Party. You just couldn't make that one up.
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no thoughts, head empty :"]]]
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RT @FromSteveHowell: History will be kinder to Corbyn than to Thatcher and Blair. The former Daily Telegraph columnist says that the ca…
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Lisa [to JK]: Baby, what’s wrong? JK [drunk, scratching leo, luca, lilly and louis’ heads with his hand and feet]:…
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RT @aproko_doctor: So a former Nigerian senator actually believes that the 5G network is causing symptoms of the flu and is related to…
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I'm the biggest astrology head there is
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RT @haileytesfayee: aight ima head out
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Don't stay awake for too long Don't go to bed I'll make a cup of coffee for your head I'll get you up and going out of bed
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@Independent "I gotta meet with kings, queens, dictators..." <----Trump surely has some form of dementia or is star…
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RT @Mufaro_King: The argument in my head Vs what I actually say
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Can you guys please go vote as to whether the love of my life should shave her head? Your opinions matter!
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@MoPNG_eSeva Hello sir my name is Taranum. My consumer number is 7093541243 Sir, gas booking was done on 07 March…
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RT @sTeamTraen: Since 5G is trending (in my head), an anecode that was told to me when I visited the operations centre of a large F…
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RT @sarcasm_onIy: The argument in my head vs what i actually say
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Even if you lose all memory in your head, the ones engraved in your heart and the ones that exist in your soul will…
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"alpha male" those abo fics getting to ya head...gacha life doing sumn to them
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