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RT @badpostscavill: besides being super happy for him I am also super happy to see the top of his head again.
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RT @flor_ali: There's a strange frenzy in my head, of birds flying, each particle circulating on its own. Is the one I love ‘ever…
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@hftbIv2 Both head coaches are ass I'm not surprised
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>finally getting better from my labyrinthitis >mom accidentally hits my head with two 2L bottles of coca cola
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why do men feel like they the only ones who can have sex with no emotions or intentions of a relationship? lil stupid spoon head mfs lol
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I don’t know why but Oshun by spillage village has been stuck in my head for a whole week now 😭😭
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RT @goal: "On me head Son"
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You ever heard rumors about someone so much that you created an idea of that parson in your head .. then you get to…
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Is that an inverse head and shoulders pattern on doge?
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The two most boring managers in the league going head to head
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RT @ohsexcyeol: Chanyeol and chen did not betrayed anyone. Kfans are just bunch of sensitive and delusional mfers. You're just sick in the head ew.
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Alright, I really had planned to push myself and make myself stream, but then I realized that's silly and benefits…
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RT @yhm4l: I like when my days busy, it keep me out my head
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RT @SEUNGM1NE: seungmin’s jump was really cool especially when his hood automatically covered his head👍
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RT @skzuelke: One morning at 4 am, my phone rang. I know bc it was next to my head, waiting for a text or call from my 20 yr old…
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RT @ayothesage_: Mutuals reply and I’ll tell you -First impression: -Your nickname in my head: -Closeness rating [1-10]: -Do I like…
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RT @ComicBookHerald: You can (and should) get to Marvel's "Truth: Red, White and Black" issues digitally on Comixology or Marvel Unlimit…
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RT @voIume21: “U attract what you fear” AAAAHHHHHH some head
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The ball just hit Fernandes in the head and I swear if it was in the other penalty area, he would have gone down claiming a foul.
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my head's full of jeanmarco 😟
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