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RT @StylistMagazine: "So many people tell me that they’ve given up because it felt too hard – the simple solution is to SLOW DOWN. Take…
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RT @M_k3nth: Hey gawd🙆🏿‍♂️ I've been looking for my glasses for over an hour. I can't remember where I dropped it. Different sce…
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RT @Jia_theWinner: #تبدیلی_کےلئےنظام_بدلو A presidential system is a democratic and republican government in which a head of governmen…
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RT @TheWhiteGuero_: Bro, I’m really about to jump head first into a woodchipper if I get played and lied to one more time. This shit is getting ridiculous.
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RT @seokjinbit: JUNGKOOK CREATED A WHOLE ASS BTS POLICE AU WHERE: Namjoon - boss Seokjin - chief/owner of resto TaeGi - right hand…
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@Mike_Batt @PlasticPlanners All jokes aside, I have been living with that tune stuck in my head, on and off, for a few decades ;-)
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My head is pounding from all the bullshit that has been going on.
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RT @DuneQuoteBot: "They tried and failed, all of them?" "Oh, no." She shook her head. "They tried and died."
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@avfcvali @FAIreland Head to head. First game was a draw
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RT @CorbynASAP: The #GeneralElection2019 is a two horse race so the first head-to-head debate between Corbyn and Johnson at 8pm tom…
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RT @ug_chelsea: Once in a while appreciate those who gossip about you... It's not easy for someone 2 leave his problems and carry yours on their head.
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I just... what!? Off the top of my head: Genusis 40:14 "But when all goes well with you, remember me and show me ki…
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RT @CBSNews: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Face The Nation that President Trump is an "imposter" who insults people because…
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RT @HkgirlI: #HongKongPolice pointed at the head of #HKprotester using gun within a very short distance. This is very dangerous…
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@Pokeuhdot Big head
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@PhemieFlash_ The entire term you’d loose every argument with a quickness! You: See how your head looks like… You…
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Had a dream about my mental state completely going haywire and then had a mini night terror so now my fucking head hurts
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RT @Tom_RedRight88: Wonder if the #Browns will have therapy dogs on hand this week for any media members who are still "shook" or "shak…
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RT @demosisto: #hkpolice tortured arrested #PolyUHK students publicly. #Polystudent was kicked on his head by #police and immediat…
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@40_head End the FED
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