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RT @Mummy73331614: From Tacha unknown journey has turned to be known journey of exploring and conquering her God ’s given world. Any…
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RT @sebyul: OP said the members greeted them after taking photos + OP’s department head (they were in the building next door) g…
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RT @99Ascend: You write like a tree fell on your head
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I'll just sleep and alarm my phone at 12 am kst 😔 I have a fever and my head hurts so much
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RT @LawrenceSellin: If you would like to learn the extent of Pakistani duplicity against the U.S. in Afghanistan, watch this 22-second…
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@shawng1986 you a dick head
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RT @COSAFAMEDIA: Lesotho head coach Lehloenya Nkhasi has announced his final squad for the upcoming COSAFA Women’s Championship sche…
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RT @DWUhlfelderLaw: Duval County, Florida judge leading vote-counting board donated to Trump 12 times. That's not allowed.
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RT @OfficeOfDGP: The trap was laid via opposition @fawadchaudhry, the chicken head exposed Pakistan in front of the whole world We…
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@PandasAndVidya @Discord1996 Mixed feelings really. A gun is perfectly capable of stopping people under normal circ…
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New Releases Every Day. The Brick Chiffon Hijab Head Scarf Show now 👉👉 @urbanmodesty1 on…
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RT @Henryyyyg: this video lives rent free in my head
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@antisantiago_ quiero el pyramid head erótico
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You seem surprised. “There goes another naïve lordling with his head in the clouds…” Something like that?
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RT @stroodles_straw: How delicious does with Pornstar Martini look!? ⁠ Stroodles are made of pasta, so 100% biodegradable, but are also…
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RT @XiaomiIndia: A jaw dropping deal on #Mi10. 😱 Head to @amazonIN now and avail additional ₹8⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣ off on Mi 10 8GB+256GB varia…
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*head in hands* Aaravos is literally the glittery-purple-dildo-who-will-treat you-right come to life
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RT @GovNedLamont: The ballots for every town in Connecticut have been published on the state's website so that voters can review what…
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RT @txtonnews: 👤: Debuted with 'One day horns grew in my head,' then came back with 'Waiting for you at Platform 9 and Three Quart…
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