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RT @richarlison97: He’s Brazilian he only cost 50 million and we think he’s fucking brilliant RICHARLISON🎶
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RT @AnnieGrayerCNN: Larry David on ⁦@BernieSanders⁩: “I feel he should drop out,” Mr. David said. “Because he’s too far behind. He ca…
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RT @WindsorMann: Trump’s impeachment distracted him from preparing for a pandemic, but the pandemic did not distract him from firing…
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He's smiling softly, giving the Russian headpats. Awh.
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RT @joncoopertweets: FUN FACT: The latest tracking polls by Navigator Research find that 40 percent of TRUMP VOTERS believe he didn’t ta…
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@itsdomyoutube 60s/70s is Paul Krause. He’s most probably the most underrated player ever. Man logged 81 career int…
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RT @MSNBC: “I don’t believe he knows what the hell he’s talking about.” –Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina on Jared Kushn…
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@daddydab32ho Don’t generalise the ones with the genuine concerns over the actual trolls. The hard R I don’t agree…
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RT @peterdaou: SORRY HATERS, #BERNIE IS NOT THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT It was around long before him and will be there long after h…
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@GravesWilliams6 Ahh he’s beautiful.
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RT @StormIsUponUs: It's time for patriots to expose Alex Jones. He is just another mockingbird intelligence asset. At least Rachel Mad…
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George Galloway arguably did more to help Boris Johnson's career than most of the Labour MPs he's accusing, given t…
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@imkylenotliam Got to laugh mate. Hahaha. He says it with the ease like he’s ‘just putting the bins out’ or something
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RT @PalmerReport: Bernie Sanders endorser Joe Rogan now admits he’s voting for Trump. It’s the latest reminder that the “Bernie movem…
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RT @silver_fox9: @Acosta He’s right. States have to grow a pair and not depend on Uncle Sam for everything. How did you get to be s…
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RT @Nino_deRosario_: Your partner’s friends disrespecting you is 100% because of the way he speaks to them about you
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@baekhyun_corgi he’s up there too don’t worry
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RT @robreiner: Blood is not only on Trump’s hands, he is bathed in it.
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RT @KaivanShroff: Within just 24hrs we have... Bernie surrogate Joe Rogan encouraging people to vote Trump. Bernie surrogate Shaun…
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dah agak dahhh something wrong dgn john niiiiii like bro he's a maniac his head is totally messed up
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