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@KZN22__ nah respect poch he’s on an entirely different level to fonseca
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RT @espn: BRANDON MORENO IS THE NEW MEN’S FLYWEIGHT CHAMP! He is the first Mexican-born champion in UFC history 🇲🇽
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And he's always got the weight of the world on his shoulders. That's why he needs you there to help lighten the load.
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RT @taekookshome: Get that. He realized he was wrong but he hasn’t said much since.” Taehyung says staring at his cup, a small frown…
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is this a good time to mention i live in nyc ? i will go see ranboo’s billboard in time square when he wins.
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RT @VinGuptaMD: My dad, a few hours north of New Delhi, tested + for coronavirus with a high viral load 4 weeks ago. He was fully v…
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RT @koispiritwalk: 🌻I'm confused why he said his heart is available. ☀️(my heart) is not available? 🌻idk~ you said it's available. 🤫🌚🌝
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RT @hobicrave: rewatching and getting emotional over hobi doing his intro. it’s my favorite thing and it feels like home when he says you’re my hope 😓
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@atrupar This dude's name is Koran and he is a #TrumpWantsToKillUsAll herd member?
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RT @xavidomenech99: 1) Avui he llegit un tuit que ens recorda que han estat molts i molt importants els intel.lectuals que s'han posat…
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RT @jxeker: i hope he’s having a great pride month
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@WhittyPics @NorthmanTrader Well--Jerome Powell still owns BlackRock stock. The Fed has more than one unbid contra…
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@painting_tlc @SaltyRevenge He's being aerodynamic.
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RT @DoodleMouser: Here's the belated sequel; what we all knew was going to come of this when that idea sprung to life. I think he's p…
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RT @blameurparents: This is not a knock on KD. This is who KD is. An absolutely all time 1 on 1 scorer, who needs either a great initia…
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RT @WillieB1two3: Joe Biden's fucken shit up so bad pretty soon he'll be making deals with MS-13 !
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RT @UDPolice: 🆘🔎We need the public's assistance! The below pictured male was found at McDonalds located at 5008 W. Township Line…
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RT @getnickwright: Durant getting a brief taste of what life is like when you’re the only superstar on your team & he’s not enjoying it quite so much.
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RT @FIFAcom: 🗣️ “He’s one of the most creative players I've seen in the Seleção shirt,” said @Pele of @neymarjr. 🤩 As well as a…
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RT @MattiasKaren: Denmark’s team doctor Morten Boesen has confirmed Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest and that ”he was gone”…
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